Wednesday, September 29, 2010

US4ARABS -- The Arab Americans' Home Away From Home

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US4ARABS -- The Arab Americans' Home Away From Home

San Francisco , California , – (US 4 Arabs - Your Home Away From Home)™ was established by a group of young Arab American students who were researching information about the middle east and Arabs in the United States, they were very amazed at the lack of factual information and the wealth of misinformation about Arab Americans. They established this website as the ultimate resource for Arabs and non-Arabs to better understand the Arab Americans point of view. The site is intended for all the people who like to know the facts about Arab Americans, Arab countries, Arab people as a culture and a race. bridges the gap between not only Arab Americans but also the Arabs as a whole and the west; it brings their points of view closer together, it preaches understanding and communication between all Arabs and the west. is a website by the people for the people, the idea behind it is to give the right and correct information to any person around the world who is interested in gathering information about the Arabs, it is intended for the scholar and researcher to have all the information he needs at their disposal. The website has information about individual countries history, population , economy, and topography. It has a listing for all Arab embassies by address and contact information where anyone can obtain information about individual countries economy, industry and social life. has news that is updated daily that keeps in touch with the community and the Arab world, news that is trusted and unbiased. it covers Arab Americans news and politics, as well as culture, business, and health related issues. In the article section a selection of variant articles by written by many writers, thinkers, and educators. Many issues that are beneficial to the Arab American community is addressed and discussed here.

The is one of the very few websites that allows businesses and individuals to list their business in its free directory at no charge to the owner, it allows an employer, a seller, or a buyer to list his product for free and to search listings at no cost. An employer can post jobs and services he provides for both Arabs and non-Arabs.

The most popular and comprehensive section at the is the events section. Here you can list, or update information about an event that relates to the Arab American community nation wide.  Anyone from coast to coast can search the events section in his state or a state he is visiting no matter how small or large of an event it is always listed and covered  you can find at

Since its inception visitors of the us4arabs website has grown in numbers dramatically in the united states and around the world, many of them visit the site on a daily basis, everyone, Arab and none Arab is free to enter the ever growing forums and chat rooms. They are free to post their views and  information on any topic of interest to the community.

" website is the leading reference for Arab American news , events , and information.
We have immediate plans to add more relevant content and expand our services to the community" says Baraa Sarsour president and co-founder of .

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