Thursday, February 17, 2005

Israeli-Palestinian dsplay on impact of The Wall 2-13-05

‘Health and the Wall’
Launch of a joint Palestinian-Israeli-French art campaign on the health impact of the Wall

Three health organizations, the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS), M├ędecins du Monde

(MDM)-France, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) –Israel, held a press conference on 15 December 2005 at the Best Eastern Hotel in Ramallah to announce the launch of a joint Palestinian-Israeli-French art campaign on the health impact of the Wall. The Panel included PRCS President, Younis Al Khatib, MDM President, Dr. Francois Jonson and PHR President, Dr. Ruhama Marton.

In his speech, Mr. Al Khatib spoke about the history of the PRCS, its humanitarian mission and its services, including emergency medical services, disaster preparedness and response, health care and social welfare; which are provided to the Palestinian people and others in need throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the Diaspora. He underscored the challenges facing the PRCS due to the ongoing Israeli occupation and its impact on the health, social and economic condition of the Palestinian people. Al-Khatib presented detailed information which included statistics and documented evidence illustrating the humanitarian consequences of the Wall in addition to the negative impact it is having on PRCS core activities, particularly obstructing freedom of movement to PRCS ambulances and medical teams. The PRCS president concluded his presentation by emphasizing that the construction of the Wall constitutes a breach of International Humanitarian Law as has been announced [9 July 2004], by the International Court of Justice in The Hague, in which it issued an advisory opinion saying the construction of the Wall in and around the West Bank is in violation of International Law and should be stopped.
For her part, Dr. Francois Jonson, President of the MDM, appealed to the International community to call on the Israeli government to stop all its violations against the Palestinian people and breaches of International Humanitarian Law; by putting an end to all the barriers that face the Palestinian people, particularly the Wall and the checkpoints.

Dr. Ruhama, PHR President, spoke about the psychological impact of the Wall on both Israeli and Palestinian societies. She said that the aim of the Israeli government in the construction of the Wall is to conceal the pain and suffering of the Palestinian people from the sight of the Israeli people and to prevent human relations between the two societies. She also underscored the importance of the joint press conference because it brings to light the agenda of the Israeli government in its construction of the Wall. At the end of her speech, Dr. Ruhama reaffirmed that the occupation is the main cause of suffering for both peoples.

Mr. Nabil Anani, a Palestinian artist, presented the Palestinian and Israeli artists’ expression of how they view the Wall through their artwork and images, as well the environmental devastation it has created.

The Panel concluded its presentations and then answered questions from Palestinian, Israeli and international journalists.

A similar press conference was also held by the three above mentioned organizations, in Tel Aviv on the 14th of February 2005.


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Thursday, February 03, 2005

International Women's Day Celebration March 6, 2005

Arab-American Family Services
Cordially invites you to

International Women’s Day “Celebration of Achievements
Sunday, March 6, 2005
5:30 – 10:00p.m.
Belvedere Chateau
8055 W. 103rd St.
Palos Hills, IL 60465

Keynote Speaker:
Helen Samhan (Executive Director of Arab-American Institute, Washington D.C.)
Panel Speakers:
Abeer Jarar (Consul General of Jordan, Washington D.C.)
Christine Rodogno (Illinois State Senator)
Amina McCloud (Professor of Islamic Studies at De Paul University)
Maria Pesquerias (Executive Director of Mujeres Latinas en Accion)

Dinner, Entertainment, plus Free gifts!!!

Tickets are $50.00 per person (No tickets at the door)
Men are Welcome!!!
No Children under 12
To purchase tickets please call:

Arab-American Family Services at 708-974-8084

Palestinian group praises Bushs peech 2-03-05


Contact: Rafi Dajani 202-887-0177

WASHINGTON, DC (1/24/05) - The American TaskForce on Palestine (ATFP), today applaudedPresident Bush for his State of the Union pledgeto help the Palestinian people build their state,ask Congress for aid for the Palestinians, andhelp Israelis and Palestinians achieve the goalof two democratic states, Israel and Palestine,living side by side in peace.

In his address, President Bush said that one ofthe main purposes of Secretary of State Rice'supcoming visit to Israel and Palestine would beto help the Palestinian people "build theinstitutions of a peaceful, independent anddemocratic state."

In a tangible expression ofU.S. commitment, the President indicated that hewould request that Congress provide $350 millionto "support Palestinian political, economic andsecurity reforms."

ATFP calls on theinternational community to join President Bush inproviding the critical assistance needed at thistime to help the Palestinians build their viable and democratic state.

"All of us, Americans, Palestinians and Israelis,working towards a peaceful solution to theconflict, are heartened by the President'scontinuing and consistent commitment to hisvision of two-states, Israel and Palestine,living in peace," said Ziad Asali, president ofATFP.

"This vision is truly within reach as thePresident noted, and for it to be ultimatelyrealized, the parties must remain focused onmeasures to bring an end to violence on allsides, engage in political and securitynegotiations, and refrain from all measures thatescalate tension and create obstacles toimplementing the Roadmap and ending theoccupation."

ATFP notes that President Bush's State of the Union remarks follow comments made earlier this week by Secretary of State Rice thatpeace would be impossible to achieve betweenIsraeli and Palestinians unless the Palestiniansgained a state of their own that was viable andthat satisfied their aspirations.


Arab American Comics featured on CNN FN

Arab American Comics Dean Obedeillah, Maysoon Zayid and a several other Arab-American comics will be featured on CNN International's "Inside The Middle East" in a segment about Arab-American comics that will air 5 times worldwide over the weekend.

You can watch it in the States if you get CNN FN.

The segment will air during the show which begins at the below times.
AIr times:

February 4th 10am EST (also in Europe/Africa/Middle East/Latin America)
February 5th 7:30am EST (also in Asia/North America)
February 5th 2:30pm EST (also in Europe/Africa/Middle East/Latin America/North America)February 6th 10:30am EST (also in Asia)
February 6th 11:30am EST (also in Europe/Africa/Middle East/Latin America/North America)

Endorsing a two-state solution 2-03-05 Jerusalem Press Conference

Press Conference
Feb. 3, 2005, 11:30 A.M. Notre Dame Center, Jerusalem, Zion Square, Jaffa Road, and Ben-Yehuda Mall


The Rev. Robert W. Edgar, General Secretary, NCC, New York, New York, USABishop Thomas L. Hoyt, Jr., NCC President (Christian Methodist Episcopa lChurch), Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

Dr. Thelma Chambers-Young (Progressive National Baptist Convention), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA Bishop C. Christopher Epting (Episcopal Church USA), New York, New York, USA

The 11-member group has visited Beirut and Cairo, Israel and Palestine since embarking on its trip Jan. 21. While members of the delegation have expressed hope that peace and a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine are still within reach, this has been a sad journey. Facts on the ground show that time is of the essence and that the moment of opportunity must be seized now. The delegation will affirm that the government of the United States must be alert and take action now.