Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Film coming: Yemeni Voices in America

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New Film coming: Yemeni Voices in America

Dearborn, August 17, 2010 

The Yemeni American Net in its fourth year, is producing its first documentary film titled ‘Yemeni Voices in America’. Movie expected to premier the 22nd of October at the National Arab American Museum.

The 60-Minutes film is produced to capture the historic moments in the life of Yemeni Americans and their contributions to the American society. The United States is a country of immigrants, and Yemeni immigrants have their own slice of contribution to the American society such as the American auto revolution.

Those who have contributed to the American society from Yemeni descents have all the right to take the credit. According to Rasheed Alnozili, director of the film, this movie is dedicated to those Yemeni Americans who were able to contribute to the American society.

“This documentary film comes to confirm that the Yemeni American community lives in harmony with other communities; dispelling the myths that Yemenis are backward and terrorists.” Alnozili added.

Alnozili concluded that the Yemeni American Net took this giant step to reach out to the American people, telling the World the real story of Yemen and Yemenis. The film is to be shown in libraries, museums, and cinemas around the states starting the 22nd of October, 2010. The first debut of the film will be at the National Arab American Museum in Dearborn and will be open to journalists, critics, businessmen, community leaders, community activists, college students. Tickets will be available soon online.

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