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Doha-based Qatar Airways is pleased to announce it will be sponsoring the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington

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WASHINGTONOct. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Doha-based Qatar Airways is pleased to announce it will be sponsoring the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington (BGCGW) at the 55th annual Washington International Horse Show (WIHS). The airline, a patron of the WIHS, provided young members of the Boys and Girls Club with a behind the scenes tour of Barn Night, the show's signature youth event, and a chance to meet the riders.
Barn Night, Thursday, October 24, featured the WIHS Shetland Pony International Steeplechase—the first time Shetland ponies raced over jumps indoors in the U.S—and the Halloween-themed Gambler's Choice Costume class, during which top riders and their horses tackled a course of jumps dressed in creative outfits. The event also hosted a scavenger hunt and contests for Largest Group, Best Banner, Best Spirit, and Best Video for young riders at local barns.
Qatar Airways, which commenced service to Dulles International Airport in 2007, has previously hosted BGCGW kids on a tour of a Boeing 777, as part of a STEM outreach program.
"At Qatar Airways, our goal has always been to connect with the communities we serve, both in the air and on the ground. In that spirit, we are pleased to continue our relationship with the Boys and Girls Club by giving these young men and women the chance to experience the Washington International Horse Show," said Qatar Airways Chief Executive Akbar Al Baker.
While the goal of the 777 event was to inspire interest in science, technology engineering, and math, especially in the field of aviation, the WIHS is a chance to introduce the kids to a cultural experience they might not have previously experienced. The nation of Qatar, which is a major stakeholder in the airline, has a long tradition of breeding champion horses and encourages education about equestrian sports throughout the world.
"It's important that our kids are exposed to cultural experiences outside of their comfort zones. Attending the Washington International Horse Show is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity our kids will benefit from greatly. Additionally, we are grateful to be able to work with Qatar Airlines for the second time and applaud their commitment to helping our youth have great futures," shares Pandit Wright, BGCGW CEO & President.  
Qatar Airways is one of the world's fastest growing airlines, currently flying a modern fleet of 127 aircraft to 128 key business and leisure destinations worldwide. Along with their growth they have put an emphasis on outreach with charitable organizations, especially children's charities.  Along with their work with the Boys and Girls Club, the airline is a major sponsor of Educate a Child, an initiative begun by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar, which aims to significantly reduce the number of children worldwide who are missing out on their right to education.
About QatarQatar Airways currently has orders worth over US$50 billion for more than 250 aircraft, including Boeing 787s, 777s, Airbus A350s, A380s and A320 Family of aircraft. At the recent Skytrax World Airline awards at the 2013 Paris Air Show, the airline was awarded Best Business Class in the World, Best Airline Staff Service in the Middle East, and Best Business Class Lounge in the World. In October 2012, Qatar Airways became the first of the major Gulf carriers to officially announce plans to join a global alliance having been invited into the oneworld group. For more information, or to make reservations, or call 1.877.777.2827
About the Washington International Horse Show
Established in 1958, the Washington International Horse Show attracts more than 20,000 spectators to the six-day show, which includes Olympic-level competition along with community and charity events. More than 500 top horses and riders come to D.C. from all over the globe to jump for nearly half a million dollars in prize money. Event highlights include the Puissance high jump competition on Military Night (Friday), the $125,000 President's Cup Grand Prix, a World Cup qualifier (Saturday night) and Kids' Day (Saturday), a free, fun and educational community event. The Washington International Horse Show Association, Ltd. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. For more information visit
For further information contact:
Qatar Airways Group, Corporate Communications Department
Tel: +974 44302072, Fax: +974 44302069

Friday, October 04, 2013

Government shutdown could result in a crime boom, Florida criminal attorney warns

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Government shutdown could result in a crime boom,
Florida criminal attorney warns

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl – Prominent criminal defense attorney John P. Contini said Thursday (Oct. 3, 2013) that an extended length Government Shutdown will have the unintended impact of increasing crime, similar to the tragic violence now unfolding in Washington DC.

Contini’s legal practice is recognized for successfully representing defendants in State and Federal cases involving murder, drugs, white-collar, sex, and federal crimes.

Contini said that if the shutdown continues, Americans can expect to see a rise in crimes involving food stamp fraud, unemployment compensation fraud, IRS tax return fraud, identity theft, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, and every other fraud and miscellaneous crime creeping into your neighborhood. 

“There is going to be even less government oversight and less law enforcement involvement, let alone the pursuit of the fast growing number of criminals,” Contini warned.

“Unfortunately, this isn't just a political battle between President Obama and the Republican leadership, or one over healthcare. Criminals out there will see this as an opportunity to exploit government programs like food stamps believing no one will be watching. That’s what criminals do.”

Contini added that the idea of important government workers being described as “non-essential” is misleading.

“The Government tells us that ‘only’ the ‘non-essential’ federal employees are being ‘furloughed,’ the fancy word for ‘shut down’ or sent home without pay,” Contini said.

“If they're ‘non-essential,’ then we don't need them right? But the truth is, these are the people we need most! They're the secretaries and all of the administrative personnel and the vital, internal support system for the body of the Government and all of its federal law enforcement agencies! Think of it like your body: the frame and skin and even the skeletal system seems to be intact, but all of your internal organs are shutting down! Pretty soon the body will die.”

Contini has long been a critic of the failure of government, noting that corruption by government employees also can be expected to increase. In 2010, Contini was recognized by the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee for championing the rights of Husien (Hussein) Shehada, an American Palestinian Tourist who was on vacation in South Beach, Florida when he was shot and killed in 2009 by a controversy plagued Miami Police officer. The officer viewed Shehada as a gun-toting Arab terrorist and alleged he thought he was carrying an AK-47 assault rifle, which turned out to be false. The officer shot Shehada in the head at point blank range as the victim pled for his life. (Click here to read more) The Miami police officer had been involved a prior controversial killing and was later suspended after he was found to have drugs in his system months later and subsequently resigned.

“Everything has a consequence. After World War II, we saw a dramatic increase in soldiers coming home, getting married and having babies, resulting in the baby boom that many did not recognize as a challenge until years later,” Contini said.

“In the same way, a prolonged government shutdown will have a consequence we might not see or even feel right away, resulting in a crime boom that we won’t fully comprehend for many years to come.”

Contini added, “We cannot afford to let our guard down in protecting our borders, and this is happening now with the shutdown forcing the ‘furlough’ of the so-called ‘non-essential’ support personnel for the Agents of U.S. Customs and Homeland Security. We lead the world in per capita prison population, and the shutdown directly impacts that level of security and protection within our prisons.’

A highly experienced and high powered, seasoned veteran of criminal law, John Contini has successfully represented thousands of criminal defendants in Florida and throughout the United States for over twenty (25) five years.

A former Broward County felony trial prosecutor based in Ft. Lauderdale in South Florida, Contini has defended the criminally accused since 1987.

Contini is recognized as one of the nation’s top faith-based legal authorities on individual rights and freedoms. He has authored several books on crime including “Danger Road: A True Crime Story of Murder and Redemption”  (2006) and “Feeling the Heat: an Interrogation of the Soul” (2007), both published by Liberty Press.

For more information visit www.JohnContini.comYou can order John Contini’s books by calling Toll Free 1- 800. 266.5564.

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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer John Contini
Ft. Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer John Contini
Prominent Civil Rights Attorney John Contini