Monday, June 27, 2005

Hala Salam Maksoud training program set for Fall

Applications Welcomed for Upcoming Arab-American Leadership Training

First Hala Foundation Program May 30-June 3 Produced Tremendous Response

The Hala Salaam Maksoud Foundation for Arab-American Leadership is nowwelcoming applications for 2 upcoming intensive, 5-day trainingsessions planned for August 28-Sept. 2 and late November, 2005.

The first Hala Foundation Leadership Program training session was held from June May 30-June 3, and elicited a tremendous response from theparticipants. Applications are sought from those who wish to beconsidered for future training sessions. There is no charge for thetraining sessions, which are held in Washington, DC, but trainees areresponsible for their own travel and accommodation. The training willbe led and coordinated by the Hala Foundation's Program Director Dr.Hussein Ibish.

Applicants should be young Arab-American professionals who havecompleted their education and have already begun their professionalcareers, or those in the final stages of a Ph.D. program. They shouldhave a demonstrable commitment to advocacy on behalf of Arab-Americanconcerns, and a desire to devote substantial time and effort toleadership on behalf of the community.Feedback from participants in the first leadership training session:

"I found the training sessions at the Hala Foundation to be one of themost intellectually stimulating experiences I've had in some time.Dynamic speakers, fascinating topics and an inviting environment aresome of the factors that made this experience worthwhile. Already, Ihave been able to take what I learned in Washington and apply it to myclasses and my own research."Professor Dave Zoby, Casper College

"This was by far the most effective leadership training I have everreceived. It was absolutely worth juggling my schedule andsacrificing my precious few days off because the skills and network Ideveloped there will last a lifetime. This is a genius endeavor – itis groundbreaking, cutting edge, and brilliant, much like itsnamesake."Maysoon Zayid, Comedian and actress

"My week at the Hala Foundation training was one of the most valuableand inspiring of my professional career. I was given access to ourcommunity's sharpest minds and most accomplished leaders. Even moreimportant, the learning doesn't end when you leave Washington. I'mnow lucky to be a part of a growing network of Arab Americans from allends of the political spectrum unified in our dedication to theempowerment of the Arab American community."Rebecca Abou-Chedid, Government Relations Specialist, Arab American Institute

"Loved it, loved it, loved it. It's a testimony to the Program'sunique approach that, after being brought together for a week ofintense dialogue on the most difficult issues facing Arab Americans,we each left determined but also inspired and uplifted. The week wasas much about grasping a hard situation as it was about discoveringways to address it--not as remote, besieged individuals, but as partof an active, committed collective that, despite internal differences,reaches out and supports each other. Incredibly, in one fantasticweek, the workshop provided the tools necessary – i.e. knowledge(including an encyclopedic amount of information, as well as valuablelessons imparted by those long-active within the community), skills,contacts, encouragement and support - to develop that attitude."Kristin Shamas, University of Oklahoma

"The Leadership Training Program exceeded ALL of my expectations. Wewere encouraged to think for ourselves and to act on our goals in aproactive, effective manner to benefit the Arab-American community asa whole. To potential participants: Please take advantage of thisopportunity!"Yasmine Hannaney, Film-maker and actress

The Leadership Training Program is designed to create a nationalnetwork of highly trained, informed and focused young Arab-Americanprofessionals equipped to take on the advocacy and organizationalefforts required for community leadership.The Leadership Program provides extensive training in:

* Command of the Issues: mastery of both information and arguments

* Presentation Skills: making the case effectively

* Interpersonal Skills: making friends and influencing people

* Organizational Skills: mobilizing the community

* Collaborative Skills: building effective teams

* Coalition Building Techniques: finding unexpected allies

* Networking: building a national network of trained activists

* Continuous Improvement: developing long-term relationships with traineesApplicants should send a letter of interest explaining their desire tobecome community leaders or activists, a CV and a writing sample orany other relevant material to:The Hala Salaam Maksoud Foundation815 Connecticut Ave. NWSuite 200Washington, DC20006Please visit for more detailsEmail with any questions