Thursday, June 16, 2005

Chicagoan announces candidacy for presidency of Egypt, Jun 15, 2005



Chicago man declares candidacy for President of Egypt

Chicago, Illinois, USA (6/15/05) Writer and community activist Aladdin Elaasar has announced today his official nomination for president of Egypt. Elaasar hopes his candidacy brings democracy to the Arab country. For the last 24 years Egypt has been ruled by President Hosni Mubarak, 78, who has recently opened the door for other candidates to run for the presidency. Although Egypt is a constitutional republic, and its constitution states term limits, for more than 50 years Egypt has had 3 presidents from the military institution who held the presidency uncontestedly.

Elaasar has lived in the Chicago land area since 1992. He fled the Middle East after the Gulf War with his wife and his eldest son. He has three other children who were born in Chicago. Mr. Elaasar is a prolific writer. He wrote for several publications in the US and the Middle East in both English and Arabic. He has also worked as a translator, counselor, bilingual teacher, and project manager in the Silicon Valley. He is author of a recently released book titled ?Silent Victims? that discusses the impact of 9/11 on communities in the USA.

Elaasar was born, raised and educated in Cairo, Egypt in 1962. He graduated from Ain Shams University in Cairo, in 1983, with a B. A. in English. He speaks English and Arabic fluently, in addition to French and Spanish. ?This is the first time in Egypt?s modern history that a native Egyptian runs for president of Egypt. Egyptians never had the chance before to run for president, nor elect their chosen leaders freely. It?s about time for Egyptians after 50 years of oppressive military rule to have a free elections and vote for the candidate they choose. Mr. Elaasar said.

Egypt, a country of 75 million people has the highest rate of unemployment. Corruption within the government is rampant and the country has been ruled for the last 25 years by the emergency law. Thousands of government opponents are in jail without a trial. Elaasar hopes to bring peace, freedom, democracy and the rule of the law to his native country of Egypt. ?Egypt, more than ever needs democracy and respect for human dignity and the rights of women and minorities. We need to do a lot of reform; legal, economic and social change. And peace should be our unshakeable commitment", Elaasar said.


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