Monday, August 25, 2008

New Home built for Palestinian victimized by Israeli military aggression

A New Home Built By Holy Land Trust

Holy Land Trust’s Home Rebuilding Camp has been hard at work rebuilding the home of Walid Ahour, which was destroyed by the Israeli military in 2005. About fifteen international volunteers from Europe and the US are working side by side with Palestinian builders to build a new house in just two weeks. After three days of building, all four walls were already set up. On the fourth day, huge cement trucks made their way to the tiny village to pour concrete for the roof. We had a special lunch of sheep meat to celebrate this milestone—finally Walid’s family will have their own roof over their heads!

The family keeps the volunteers well-fed with delicious homemade lunches, fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden, and endless supplies of coffee and tea. The volunteers have enjoyed practicing their Arabic with the many children, cousins, and friends who come to watch the building. The atmosphere at the site is more like a party than a construction site—the female volunteers were even invited into the house for a spontaneous dance party with some women from the village.

Today the house is finished thanks for all the volunteers who joined us hand in hand to build the house , thanks for everyone who gave his time , his support to this just cause , thanks for the villagers that worked with us , and thanks for all the donations from different parts of the world. Right now Holy Land Trust is getting prepared for the next year’s summer camp , so hopefully soon we will have information about the 2009 Summer Camp and we are all getting very excited to handle the key of another house to a new family.

End of Palestine Summer Encounter 2008

On August 15th the last twenty seven participants representing 10 countries joined us in Osh Gurab park (Dismantled Military Camp ) for the farewell party, to say good bye for people they have spent time with for the past months, Holy Land Trust presented by Sami Awad and the Travel and Encounter department presented by Elias Ghareeb, presented a Palestinian Scarf (koffiye) as a thank you gift for the participants for their contribution and support to the Palestinian community.

As PSE participants, they had the opportunity to become a part of the local culture and community through home stays, assist in community development through volunteer work, practicing their Arabic skills, studying the conflict. and learning Palestinian dance (dabkeh) and how to cook Palestinian food, at the end of the Farwell party the participants performed the dabkeh that they have been learning for the past weeks it was an amazing end, an amazing way say goodbye to their host families and their volunteer organizations.

For those who are interested in taking part of this incredible experience, don’t miss the 2009 Palestine Summer Encounter program ! You can find out more information once they are available on

& Lots More Upcoming Events

Olive Harvest Ends of October – Midst of November

Join us to harvest olives with local families in their olive groves. Many of these olive groves have been confiscated by Israeli authorities, especially for the building of the wall separating Palestine from Israel. Your presence with the farmers helps to protect them from Israeli settlers and soldiers who in the past have used violent means to deter farmers from harvesting their yield. You will play a role in maintaining this centuries-old practice through the tumult of the current political situation.

Other than helping in this vital role, you will have ample opportunity to explore the region, experience Palestinian culture, and learn about the current political situation.

Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Stations, and TV Networks, All Journalists

In creating a venue to empower the people of Palestine in general, and the people of Bethlehem in particular and have their voices heard, the first community television and radio stations in Palestine known as “Al-Kul” which means, ‘Everyone’ was established in 2007. The purpose: to be a media outlet of the people and for the people.

The television and radio stations aim to strengthen the community and create a venue where its concerns, fears, dreams, and aspirations are heard and addressed. These stations serve as a platform for all to share no matter what their age, religion, economic, or social standing may be.
Al-Kul broadcasts unique and high quality television and radio programs, programs that address the real issues facing the community today while at the same time allowing for an opportunity to have the community express its joys and talents.

Holy Land Trust, in cooperation with Al-Kul, extends our warm invitation for journalists around the world to connect with us as a base for journalistic and documentary work in the Middle East. Whether you are covering important religious events, such as Christmas and Easter celebrations, or covering the conflict in the region, Bethlehem is a perfect location with a rich history and proximity to many important events. At Al Kul we can provide you with a studio, other equipment, networking opportunities with other journalists, and connections to people from every sector of Palestinian society and Israel .

We have experience in assisting film-makers seeking to present Palestine and the Holy Land from a unique and constructive perspective. If journalism or film is your area of expertise, we can assist you in organizing your project by helping you to successfully navigate any logistical or administrative concerns, researching topics related to your production and organizing the details of your trip.

For Further information please do not hesitate to contact us

If you Want Peace , You Never Build Walls But Bridges .

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