Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge Sept. 6 UIC Chicago

Greetings Chicago Arab-Americans,

I am writing you on behalf of the U.S. Navy in the interest of promoting the Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge, which will take place in Chicago (University of Illinois-Chicago) on September 6th. Below is a link to the electronic press kit provided by our media public relations firm. In the interest of diversification and cultural awareness, as well as the main message of this event - raising awareness in fitness and battling obesity - the Navy is reaching out to communities of all cultural backgrounds.
Please take a few moments to view the information link, and if you have any questions, please feel free to call me or email me.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Alissar Langworthy
Diversity Advisor - Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge

Hope you’ll let your readers know about The Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge taking place Sept. 6 at UIC. The SEALs motivation is to bring awaren ess to the epidemic of obesity. The challenge is totally free and open to anyone – city or suburb – male or female - age 13 and up. This event has taken place in Boston, LA, San Antonio and Detroit. Let’s show ‘em what Chicagoland can do!!!!!

Lots of great photos and endorsements from all sorts of VIPs in Chicago are part of the EPK.

Electronic Press Kit: http://www.gr-pr.com/navy/
In fact, one of the endorsers is the executive director of the Mayor’s Fitness Council - Colleen Lammel-Harmon, RD, LDN. At the news conference about the challenge, she did 6 pull-ups. Females have a very hard time with pull ups! This firecracker of a woman is available for interviews as are the others.

Also in the EPK is a tab about Media Day which will be held 72 hours before the actual event, on Wednesday, Sept. 3, at (or outside of) the Physical Education Building at UIC, 839 W. Roosevelt, Chicago. The SEALs will accommodate your schedule anytime between 6 a.m. and noon. And if those hours don’t work, please call to arrange another time. You and your colleagues (bring the entire newsroom!) are invited to experience the challenge for yourselves. If you’re not too keen about tackling the pull-up bar yourself, bring someone from the office who’s willing, and do a story, take a photo or get some footage of them. The SEALs will be available for interviews.

Media Day is all yours. Please RSVP to Ginny Richardson at 630-789-8555, Ext 10 or grichardson@gr-pr.com. Thanks for your consideration of bot h Media Day and the release below.
Ginny Richardson
For Immediate Release
Press contact: Ginny Richardson, GR-PR
630-789-8555, Ext. 10 or grichardson@gr-pr.com
electronic press kit: http://www.gr-pr.com/navy/