Thursday, June 22, 2006

Palestinian and Israeli launch peace effort at Pink Floyd Concert

Global Peace Project Launches at Pink Floyd Concert in Israel

Humanitarian Initiative Announced at Joint Israel/Arab Rock Concert

NEVE SHALOM, Israel, June 22/PRNewswire/ -- A global peace project called JAMOP ( - Just A Minute ofPeace, will be launched by Israel's David Broza and Palestinian Ebrahim Eidat a Pink Floyd concert taking place in Israel this evening, June 22, 2006.

The sold-out concert is featuring legendary musician Roger Waters. The event will take place at Neve Shalom, an area where 25 Jewish and 25Arab families have lived in peaceful coexistence since 1976. The artists willask the audience to hold out cell phones and lighters and sing together forone minute for the official launch of JAMOP.

JAMOP is a Canadian non-profit humanitarian organization and peaceinitiative asking the whole world to join together on 07/07/07 to celebrate aminute of peace. Noble peace prize winner Jose Ramos Horta drafted the JAMOP declaration,and 17 noble laureates have joined including the Dalai Lama, and archbishopDesmond Tutu, in addition to over 75 performers who have agreed to perform atthis global event.

JAMOP is a grassroots movement that plans to hold thirty concertssimultaneously and link them together to celebrate a minute of peace. Overthe course of this year every president and noble laureate will be asked tosign this declaration as a symbolic gesture of good faith and to demonstratetheir genuine desire to live in peace.

About JAMOP Founded by David Tenenbaum in 1997, Just a Minute of Peace (JAMOP) is a simultaneous, worldwide, humanitarian/entertainment event of unprecedented magnitude. Its mission is to initiate the global voice for peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance peace and human rights, and to promoteresponsible economic and social development. JAMOP is focused on mobilizingcitizens of the world to represent their collective desire for peace, humanrights, environmental reform, and sustainability.

About David Tenenbaum

David Tenenbaum is the founding President and CEO of JAMOP and DoveProductions Ltd. As a professional in the area of high-endresidential/property management and real estate for more than 12 years, Mr.Tenenbaum has also been a key player in the organization of severalnon-profit and profit-making music and arts-driven events throughout theworld. His work with various high-profile artists and charities led him toestablish JAMOP in 1997 and subsequently, its affiliate, Dove ProductionsLtd., an organization dedicated to staging large-scale, predominantlymusic-oriented benefits.

Contact: David Tenenbaum +1-416-277-1771 doveproductions@rogers.comSource: Just a Minute of Peace (JAMOP)David Tenenbaum, +1-416-277-1771,