Saturday, June 10, 2006

DAIR Condemns Israeli massacre of Palestinian civilians

The PLO condemns the Israeli Occupation Crimes and demands International protection to the Palestinian Civilians

On Friday, June 9th 2006, another Israeli massacre was committed against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza strip; 7 of the 10 victims are members of the same family, among those are 4 children and a 5-month-old toddler. The Israeli tanks shelled the shore where the family was resorting at Beit-Lahia's beach in the weekend.

During the past 24 hours, 17 martyrs died as a result of Israeli extra-judicial assassinations in Gaza Strip; in the past six years the number of martyrs escalated to 4100 Palestinian, 800 children are among those.

The above crime is just an episode in the series of the ongoing Israeli massacres against the Palestinians to impose the Israeli Prime minister's, Ehud Olmert, unilateral solutions; the economic siege against the Palestinians is as harmful as the military war.

The Department of Arab and International Relations /PLO condemns the targeting of the Palestinian civilians and denounce the American Official stand, which contradicts with all international resolutions and laws; many other states shyly denounced the Israeli crimes.

The Israeli state terror should be stopped, and that can only be done if and when:

- The International society acts according to its human responsibilities and provide protection for the Palestinian people.

- The UN Security Council issues a clear statement to denounce the Israeli massacre.

- Similar stands are expected from the side of all friends and solidarity movements from all over the world

The Department of Arab and International Relations


Ramallah –Palestine

June 10th 2006