Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Internet TV shows sees viewership increases in first five weeks

New Arab Internet Show challenges one-sided American media coverage of Arab World issues
(Chicago/June 29) -- A new weekly online Internet discussion program is now available for public viewing. The program, entitled CounterPoint, features two veteran Arab American journalists discussing the news headlines each week and offering an alternative to the usually one-sided discussion featured in mainstream American TV.

Co-Hosts Ray Hanania and Ali Alarabi are veteran Arab American journalists and syndicated columnists.

The show format has the two co-hosts discuss and debate issues, such as the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip, fundamentals of Palestinian politics, challenges facing the Arab American and Muslim American communities, the repressive media response to the release of the report on AIPAC's control of the US Congress and more.

At the end of each show, they also feature new and recent books published by Arab and Muslim Americans.

All of the shows are available online and can be viewed at any time using a high speed DSL or broadband connection. The shows are filmed in high quality digital format using a SONY VX 2100 Camera. Show information is located at

Five shows have been posted since the show's launch May 25, 2006. Other links to online documentaries and cable TV programs are also available.

"The Internet is giving Arab Americans the power to sidestep the bias in the American news media. The question is are we smart enough to take that opportunity or do we continue to allow the mainstream American news media to define us in distorted and inaccurate stereotypes," said Hanania.

Hanania, a co-founder of the National Arab American Journalists Association, said the show will be featured at the national convention of the Society of Professional Journalists in Chicago August 24 - 26 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

"We are going to protest anti-Arab bias in the mainstream American media at the convention in a big way," Hanania promised. "The journalism abuses against the Arab and Muslim American community and the Arab World are outrageous and must be challenged."

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