Friday, January 28, 2005

Future of CHristians in Middle East --- Workshops/Seminars 2-26-05

Time is running out for our Christian Brethren in the Holy Land


Christian Crisis Forum
Saturday Feb. 26, 2005
8:30 AM
First Presbyterian Church of Wheaton
Participate in six 30 minute presentations with six different presenters, followed by a final Q&A panel will all presenters. An intensive look at the challenges facing Christians in the Middle East.

Tickets are $25 each and are available at the church offices at 630-668-5147. All proceeds support the Mar Elias Schools in the Galilee, a Christian run school dedicated to children of all faiths and founded on the idea that "peace begins on the top of school desks."

Seating limited. Lunch is provided.

There have been Christians in the Holy Land for two thousand years. They have survived Roman, Persian and Ottoman onslaughts. And now, forces are at work to diminish or drive out the last remnants from Israel and Palestine. The speakers are known nationally for their expertise on the issues and causes behind the decline of Christianity in the land of its birth.

Speakers include
Rev. Gary Burge, Wheaton College Professor New Testament
Rev. Patrick Gaffney CSC Notre Dame University
Ray Hanania, syndicated columnist, Creators Syndicate, Arlington Heights Daily Herald, Chicago Southwest News-Herald
Rev. Marthame & ELzabeth Sanders, Presbyterian missionaries
Dr. Ghada Talhami, Lake Forest College Professor
Rev. Don Wagner, North Park University