Friday, January 21, 2005

Briefing on Palestinian elections Jan. 25, 2005

"The Palestinian Elections and Prospects for the Future"
Tuesday January 25, 200512:00-1:00 PM
Middle East Institute Boardman Room
1761 N Street, NW, Washington, DC

Ziad Asali, President of the American Task Forceon Palestine, is recently returned from the MiddleEast as a member of the official US governmentsponsored delegation to monitor PalestinianPresidential elections held on January 9, 2005.

He will provide a briefing on the elections andoffer his perspectives on future politicaldevelopments for PalestineA RSVP is required for this event andreservations are accepted as space allows.Preference is given to MEI members.
To RSVP,please e-mail
The ATFP is a not-for-profit corporation that aims to educate the American people about thenational security interests of the United States in establishing a Palestinian state.

Specifically, ATFP seeks to promote the awarenessof the far-reaching benefits that Palestinianstatehood will have for the United States in thefollowing areas:

(1) enhancing national security,
(2) proliferation of American values of freedomand democracy, and
(3) expansion of economicopportunities throughout the Arab and Islamicworlds.

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