Wednesday, October 06, 2004

PR WASHINGTON: PAC condemns Israeli incursion and US Veto 10-6-04

October 5, 2004

The Palestinian American Congress condemns the Israeli incursion into Gaza and denounces the United States veto against a United Nations draft resolution today condemning the Israeli incursion into Gaza.

The Israeli incursion is in its eighth day with no end in sight. Eighty Palestinians have been killed, including 22 children, over 110 homes have been demolished, and commercial structures and civil infrastructure have been destroyed.

By vetoing this draft resolution, the U.S. has directly given Israel approval of its incursion. This was evident by the renewed Israeli rocket attacks hours after the U.S. veto, which resulted in the killing of a child and injuring two children. This collective punishment by the Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians is a flagrant human rights violation, a violation against the Geneva Convention, and a violation against UN resolutions.

The United States Administration is refusing to acknowledge the impact of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. The reality of this occupation will continue to produce rocket attacks and suicide bombers. The use of this massive attack on the Palestinian population will not change this reality. Moreover, the U.S. support of this Israeli attack will only serve to fuel the anti-American sentiment in the Middle East.


The Palestinian American Congress is a national grass roots organization that defends and represents the interests of Palestinian Americans. Its current member base is distributed over twelve chapters throughout the United States