Friday, October 01, 2004

PR PALESTINE: Israelis kill more Palestinian civilians 10-02-04

The Palestine Monitor
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The Israeli army kills ten more Palestinians in Gaza, Nablus, and Jenin

Thursday, September 30, 2004In Gaza City yesterday, six people were killed and 52 injured in thecourse of several Israeli invasions and bombings in the northern part ofthe Gaza Strip. Tawfiq Mumahad Al-Sharafi, 24 years old, Ahmed AbdulFateh Madi, 17 years old, and Sa'ed Abu al-Laesh, 14 years old, all fromJabalya refugee camp, were killed in an invasion of the area.

Also Mus'ab al-Baradai, 12 years old, from Tel al-Hawa in Gaza City, waskilled by fire from an Israeli helicopter inside this civilianneighborhood. Two were killed in shelling by Apache helicopters at Telal-Zataar in Jabaliya refugee camp. Khalil al-Naji, age 23, and Fathehal-Suwareen, a 27. Sources said several of the injured, includingchildren, were shot by live bullets in the upper parts of their bodies.

Many are now in intensive care.Israeli forces invaded the northern part of Gaza Strip on Tuesday ofthis week, three weeks after Israeli withdrawal from the area. Dozens of tanks and bulldozers, backed by Apache helicopters, were used. The stated reason for this was to prevent Palestinians from shelling Israelisettlements. The Israelis also bulldozed and uprooted large areas of farmland.

A Palestinian child was killed and seven injured during a demonstrationto commemorate the fourth anniversary of the Intifada. Mohamad Abdullahal-Jeber, 16 years old, was from the al-Breij refugee camp in Deiral-Balah. He was shot and killed near the al-Shuhada junction whenIsraeli forces opened fire on the demonstration.In Nablus, Israeli forces assassinated Majdi Salah Khalifeh. He was ina house near the al-Ain refugee camp when Israelis attempted to arresthim. He tried to escape, but they shot and killed him. After this,according to witnesses, Israeli soldiers took his body and threw it onthe ground near a mosque about 20 meters from where he had been killed.

Israeli soldiers gathered several people from the mosque, includingrelatives of the deceased, and an Israeli commander told them that theykilled this man because he deserved to be killed, and anyone followingin his footsteps would meet a similar fate.

In Jenin, Israeli forces killed two Palestinian men and injured onewoman when they opened fire on a service taxi that was driving in thecity. Mohamad al-Bitar, 25, the driver, was shot and killed as wasRateb Talib, 50, a teacher from al-Jalama village. Talib's wife Noorwas shot with a live bullet in her leg.

According to Palestinianwitnesses, the shootings were unprovoked and without reason.

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