Sunday, October 31, 2004

Palestinian Peace Coalition News Update Oct. 31, 2004

The Geneva Initiative: Making Peace Our Horizon

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Ramallah 31 October 2004

PLO Executive Committee Takes Decisions
To Organize Functioning of the PA

The PLO Executive Committee – the highest policy making body in the PLO – met Saturday, October 30th, to discuss the organization and the continued functioning of the Palestinian leadership bodies during the absence of President Arafat for medical treatment abroad. The Executive Committee, and in accordance with the wishes of President Arafat, decided that the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) leadership bodies should continue their work in accordance with and pursuant to the responsibilities included in the relevant laws and regulations. In particular:

1. The Palestinian Government will continue carrying out the responsibilities, powers and functions vested in it pursuant to the Palestinian Basic Law.
2. The National Security Council will continue playing its role under the responsibility of the Prime Minister.
3. The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) will continue performing its regular functions without delay or interruption. The PLC will not raise confidence in the government, so as to give the latter a chance to carry out its functions at these difficult times.
4. The Executive Committee will be constantly convened, and will collectively follow up and ensure the implementation of the Basic Law by the executive, legislative and judicial arms of the PNA. The Prime Minister and the Speaker of the PLC will participate in the meetings of the Executive Committee so as to ensure the highest levels of coordination.

The Executive Committee will continue consulting with and receiving instructions from President Arafat in his capacity as the Chairman of the PLO, the President of the PNA and the historic leader of the Palestinian national movement.