Tuesday, April 02, 2013

American Arab Journalists Organize in Metro-Detroit, call for Fairness in Coverage and Media Access

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American Arab Journalists Organize in Metro-Detroit, call for Fairness in Coverage and Media Access

Arab Journalists Plan Future Conferences

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan – American Arab journalists gathered this past weekend in a suburb of Detroit to organize a professional union and to plan conferences to advocate for community coverage in the mainstream media.

The summit was hosted by Michigan Accident Attorney Joumana Kayrouz at her Bloomfield Hills home, and supported by Ziyad Brothers Importing, both major advertisers who recognize the need for a vibrant ethnic Arab community media.

Nearly every major Arab media in Metro-Detroit participated and also attending were several prominent American Arabs employed by mainstream media such as WJRS and Styleline Magazine and Arab journalism college students.

“This was a very important effort to bring American Arab journalists together to strengthen the voices of our community,” said Bassam Mourad, the Editor-in-Chief of the Michigan Arab Times Newspaper.

Kayrouz said she was honored to be able to host the event at her home.

“As a business person I know how important it is to have a strong, vibrant news media not just for mainstream audiences in America but also to serve and inform our many ethnic communities, especially the Arab community in Metro-Detroit,” said Kayrouz whose Michigan Accident Law Firm is one of the most adept at using media and marketing strategies to make her business successful.

Laila Alhusini, the host of the daily “Good Morning Michigan” radio show on WNZK AM 690 and a local coordinator for the National American Arab Journalists Association, said that the gathering brought together all of the region’s most professional journalists, publications and media.

“We need to organize to make our voices stronger and to also serve as role models for younger Arabs who might pursue journalism or media or even marketing and communications as professional career choices,” Alhusini said.

Fay Beydoun of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, a frequent supporter of the Arab Journalists group NAAJA and organizer of the successful annual Arab American Festival held in Dearborn, served as a facilitator during the summit.

Also joining the session were Yemeni American News reporter Adel Mozip, Hoda Salameh of Styleline Magazine, Linda Mansour of WJR Radio, Walid Jadan Publisher and and Rami Sadeq host of MEA TV and Radio, Amir Denha Editor of the Chaldean Detroit Times, Khalil Hachem of Biz Magazine, Haitahm Aldifaee video production, Abdulnasser Mugali publisher of Arab American Today, Rafic Kairouz of the Moranite Foundation, Kawthar Othman and Nabil Mashni of the Chicago al-Hadath Newspaper, Journalism instructor Tahani Dari who was accompanied by five journalism students from Central Academy, Detroit photographer Nafeh Abunab of Elite Photography, and Mohammed Shawky reporter for the Forum and Link Journal.

Also attending were Al Harp publisher of Salam Romaia, Zaim Al Tay or Arab Woman, Nayef Chedid publisher of the Michigan Arab News, Hasan Hamed of Alsumaria TV channel, Sahir Al-Malih of Sawt al Ghad publication, Kassim Madi a journalist, Aqil alkaabi a writer, Hunayda Asbahi of the Sawasia Charity Foundation, and video producer Haitahm Aldifaee.

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