Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Talfazat Arabic Cable TV offers special Ramadan programs

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Talfazat TV News

AUGUST 14, 2009

This month we want to share with you some incredible new updates and enhancements to Talfazat’s service.
With Ramadan fast approaching, we understand the value in watching the television shows that matter to you most. We want to continue to bring you the best in Arabic entertainment. There are some amazing new features to the Talfazat TV box that allow you to maximize your viewing experience. You can now enjoy:

Time Shift Capability: You’ll never miss your favorite program again! Simply use the Program Guide to go back 24 hours and watch any program you might have missed and start watching immediately.

Language Selector: You get to choose the language for viewing on the Talfazat TV box. Using your remote control, click: Settings > Personal Settings > Language. This allows you to switch between Arabic and English.

Video on Demand: Enjoy our huge selection of the greatest Arabic programs and series on demand. Choose what you want to watch when you want to watch it.

Coming this Ramadan:

  • Sheta’a Sakhen: Starring Abass Al Nouri, the series is based on a true story that evolves around a gang of thieves head by Al Wakeel.The gang robbed a jewelry store and flee with lots of gold and money, then they discover that a security camera has recorded the events. More crime occurs as the gang tries to get rid of the recordings.
  • Beit Jeddi 2: All our favorite characters returns for the continuation of the tale that left us hanging on the edge of our seats. After Sabry Afandy survives murder, he tries to regain control over the old Damascus neighborhood and the Gold.
  • Ma Tkhafoush: Tells the story of Makram Badawi Mehedi Alcardawi . Makram became a successful businessman owning a satellite TV “Al Cho’ela “. Makram’s television program "Ma Tkhafoush" breached the prohibitions, and invited the viewers to fight and resist the corrupted business giants who control the people’s and earth’s destiny. Starring Nour Al Shareef.

Check out some of our top Arabic VOD Titles:

  • Bab Al Hara 3: Watch Bab Al Hara 3 on Talfazat and be ready to enjoy Bab Al Hara 4 this Ramadan live on MBC with Talfazat. This ever popular series takes place in a neighborhood called Al Dabe’ located in Al Sham in 1929.
  • Al Ijtiyah: A detailed account of the dramatic Preventive Shield Operation carried out by Israel in the WestBank.
  • Khawater 4: Ahmad Shoqairi presents Khawater during Ramadan with more useful guidance and advice to the youth population.
  • Moghamarat Abu Riad: The show reflects social conditions in an ingeniously written package, played by Adel Karam.