Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arab American Music Awards announced

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Still accepting nominations for Musical Artists

August 20, 2009, Hollywood, CA - The first annual Arab-American Music Awards will be held Saturday January 30th 2010 at 7:30pm at the Harmony Gold Theater in Hollywood, CA. This award ceremony is to celebrate years of musical talent by Arab-Americans and also to recognize the new up and coming stars of the Arab-American culture. There will be many performances by the nominees and the evening will be filmed live for worldwide distribution.

We are still accepting nominations for all categories, including: Favorite Artist, Favorite Band, Duo, Group, Favorite Composer, Favorite Lyricist, and Favorite Album, among many other categories. For a full list of categories, please visit our website www.arabamericanmusicawards.com <http://www.arabamericanmusicawards.com/> . Being the first of its kind in America, the AAMA Organization, partners and its sponsors are leaving no stone unturned to ensure a memorable and historic event, as we celebrate and recognize our achievers in the field of Arab American music. The awards are decided by independent panels consisting of some of the music industry's most distinguished practitioners. This is in 10 categories, with additional awards decided on as we narrow the nominations.

All nominations can be submitted through the website. The nominees must be Americans of Arab descent and must sing original material. Nominees should have a music video and/or professionally recorded music.

We have a host of high profile presenters and entertainers guiding you through the night. Music Moguls, Film Legends, Fashion gurus, and community leaders, will all participate in the event's presentations, making it truly the most glamorous Arab-American event in the USA for the year 2010.


If you would like more information on this event, please contact the Producer, Tania Ayoub (949) 230-1886 or email at: taniajayoub@arabamericanmusicawards.com