Monday, September 25, 2006

PR: New Philosophical Web Site launched

New Philosophical Website Launched, is a diverse community of engaged philosophers and
philosophically oriented intellectuals. We are interested in writing about
social and political issues, both historical and contemporary, domestic and
international. We view ourselves as contributing to well informed and
analytically substantive discourse focused on issues of moral concern in the
public domain. assumes that no individual or
institution is exempt from moral critique; the website is therefore ardently
unaffiliated. is a unique space amid today's blogs and
journals of opinion. We welcome readers seeking lively, relevant, and serious
writing. Our website is an art piece by Joe Namy, who is part of the Other
Arab Artists Collective in Detroit []. You can see more of
Joe's work at

This first issue of is dedicated to all the innocent
victims in the world, particularly those whose deaths were forgotten,
rationalized, and explained away as collateral damage.

Articles now available at

Mohammed Abed on Morality and Israel’s War on Lebanon

Jaime Ahlberg on Ethical Eating

Lilian Friedberg on Surviving Suicide

Raja Halwani on Israel’s Right to Exist

Shahin Izadi on Global Poverty

Joseph Levine on the Moral Appropriateness of Divestment

Emily McRae on Philosophy and Activism

Matthew Mitterko on Morality and Fair Trade

Steven Salaita on Progressive Zionism and Michael Lerner

Ora Wise on Divestment and Divestment Activism