Sunday, September 24, 2006

PR: New Arab News Site launches/features Arab Bloggers/Writers


Nadia Gergis
(407) 592-9399

Orlando, Florida (Sept. 25, 2006) – Arab Americans have entered the blogosphere through, which aims to be the Drudge Report* and Huffington Post* of the Middle East.

" is the Arab American street," said site founder Nadia Gergis, 30. "We aim to be the pulse, the leading online destination for Arab Americans on the web." provides:

- Streaming breaking news on the Middle East
- Story commenting system
- Original Arab American blogs
- Thought provoking political commentary
- The only nationwide Arab American community calendar fills a critical gap for one of the nation’s fastest growing, most dynamic, and arguably least understood population groups, estimated at 3.5 million in the US.

In the Middle East, there are an estimated 18.2 million Internet users. is the only online destination that features original blogs from seven experts who’ve spent a majority of their lifetimes immersed in Arab American affairs.’s exclusive bloggers:

Asli Bali is a graduate student at Princeton University, president of the New York Chapter of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and a lawyer in private practice in New York. Hayan Charara is the author of The Alchemist's Diary and The Sadness of Others.

Ray Hanania is an award winning journalist and columnist. Pulitzer Prize nominated Hanania has performed standup comedy lampooning his Arab heritage and his unusual marriage to his wife, who is Jewish.

Ferial Masry is the Democratic candidate for California’s 37th Assembly District. This Saudi-born woman is the mother of a US soldier who served in Iraq.

Issa Mikel is a Palestinian-American lawyer, human rights activist and member of the National Council of Arab-Americans, New York Chapter.

Courtney Radsch is a scholar and freelance journalist who focuses on the Arab media and politics.

Maria Shehata produces her own show twice a week at Joe Franklin's Comedy Club and has performed in NY's Arab-American Comedy Festival.

With no end in sight for the Iraq war, tragedy in the occupied territories and a proposed United Nations embargo on Iran, monitoring the pulse of the Arab world and understanding the Arab American community is now possible through

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