Friday, February 03, 2006

Christian Arab Leader denounces Danish cartoons


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Statement by Fadi Zanayed, Attorney at Law, a Christian Arab-American Leader,
Regarding the Caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad:

“At a time when the world is moving towards a global economy and religious tolerance, it is disturbing to note that some segments of our worldly society would inflame the followers of a major and significant religion for no other reason then to spread hatred. While I am a strong believer in a free press, those media outlets that published the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad have done a grave injustice to not only Muslim believers who number over a billion, but to the whole 6 billion people who live on this earth.

“The world is changing at a geometrical pace and the boundary lines of countries are being eliminated by the cyber world. By emitting such hatred, the press is redrawing the lines that isolate people. The press should have the common sense to know what is right from wrong and govern itself accordingly. Spreading hatred has no place in our society. The Press owes not only the Muslims an apology; it owes an apology to the world.

Fadi Zanayed
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