Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Candidate Claypool meets with Muslim Media Panel


February 26, 2006

A Panel of Muslim Journalist met Democratic Party's Candidate running for Cook County Board President.

Following are the Editors and Reporters of Chicago Muslim Media attended the press conference:

  • Afghan News Network (weekly Pashtoo/Persian) Salman Aftab
  • Aftab-e-Nau (weekly Persian) Dr. Daud Miraki
  • Arab Radio WCEV Saturday 1450 AM, Yusef Marei
  • Asia News, WSBC Saturday 1240 AM, Athsham Hussein
  • Pakistan Times (weekly English), Muhammad Nadeem
  • Pakistan News (weekly Urdu), Rana Jaweed
  • Urdu Times (weekly Urdu/English), Nemmatullah Chaudary

Forrest Claypool's Press Conference was held at Usmania Restaurant 2253 W Devon Ave with Chicago Muslim Media. Issues discussed were those pertinent to the Muslim community such as open dialogue between the Muslim community and cook county officials as well as general state policies such as economic policies, cleaning up the forest preserves in Cook County and an expansion on current healthcare policy to establish a better doctor-patient relationship for uninsured and working families, and education where the issue of sensitivity training was brought up and creating more jobs for minorities including Muslims and Arabs.

When asked about the practice of racial profiling among the cook county law enforcement, he said that he'll enforce cultural sensitivity training into the general policies of law enforcement.

He also wants to institutionalize methods that provide alternatives and offer safer options for minors in the juvenile reform system. In addition Claypool, if elected, expressed his interest in establishing a Muslim advisory taskforce which he would consult before making major decisions.

CONTACT: Salman Aftab, (312) 493-4822
(E-Mail: saftab02@yahoo.com )