Thursday, September 22, 2005

Palestinian political prisoners still important issue

Press release
Sep. 21, 2005

The ongoing tragedy of the Palestinian political prisoners in the Israeli jails

The Department of Arab and International Relations/ P.L.O. warns of the Israeli policy against the Palestinian and Arab prisoners in the Israeli jails. Although all prisoners are confined under sever and harsh conditions, Palestinian detainees from Jerusalem are to suffer from an added burden as they have been placed in isolation - away from the rest of the prisoners. The step is not only a tool to break the solidarity of prisoners , but is also directed towards any possible future negotiations with regard to the release of prisoners as the Israeli authorities are planning to exclude the Jerusalemites from such negotiations.

Since 1967, 650,000 Palestinians have been detained, which means that 20% of the Palestinian population in West Bank and Gaza Strip has been arrested at some point; 8600 are still imprisoned in 28 Israeli jails and detention centers, 116 of whom are women and 288 are underage. 1000 Palestinians are placed under administrative detention and are still held in Israeli prisons although they were not found guilty, 950 of the Palestinian prisoners who suffer from serious health problems are deprived access to proper medical treatment.

The Department of Arab and International Relations appeals to the International community, UN organizations and friends all over the world to interfere immediately to save the lives of 950 Palestinian prisoners who were diagnosed with serious hert and lung diseases, diabetes, immobilization and cancer.

By this brief and quick release, we hope to draw your attention to the crises and to urge you to exert your influence and power towards the release of Palestinian prisoners from the Israeli jails. We also believe that serious pressures are to be directed towards the Israeli occupation authorities in order for such authorities to abide by the International Humanitarian Laws, namely the Geneva Fourth Convention on prisoners.

Palestine Liberation Organization
The Department of Arab and International Relations
Ramallah – Palestine.