Sunday, May 01, 2005

Palestinian American Congress elects new leaders May 1, 2005

The Palestinian American Congress
April 28, 2005
Media contact:
Marwan ElMasri

The Palestinian American Congress successfully completed it’s sixth Annual Convention in Houston, Texas on April 24, 2005

The convention included a panel discussion about the Palestinian right of return by Dr. Ghassan Shabaneh, workshops, and a presentation describing the detrimental effects the settlements and the Apartheid Wall have on Palestinians by Mr. Mohammed Alatar.
Dr. Mustafa Albargouthi and Father Hanna Atallah addressed the convention via video-satellite from Palestine.
Renowned Palestinian Director Yahia Barakat presented his film about Rachel Corrie.
A board meeting was held on April 24th. Elections for the Executive Committee and Directors of the Board took place with the following results:

Sameer Tuffaha Chairman of the board
Faraj Said Vice Chairman of the board
Dr. Zafer Miqdadi Secretary of the board

National Executive Committee

Maher Abdelqader President
Joanne Abuqartoumi Vice President
Salah Asad Secretary
Khaled Aldumee Treasurer
Mohammad Abdallah Member
Mohammad Nawash Member
Osama Amin Member

The convention was concluded with a banquet, featuring our distinguished guest, Dr. Ahmad Tibi, and an evening of traditional Palestinian dance and songs by Ammar Hasan; The Palestinian Superstar.
A fund raiser event raised almost $130,000 between donations and pledges.