Sunday, August 22, 2004

PR CHICAGO: New CD Looks back at Sept. 11 backlash 8-22-04


From:Anya CordellThe Campaign for Collateral Compassion

An audio documentary is now available on CD, detailingthe hate-backlash aftermath of September 11, from auniquely compelling personal perspective. It isnarrated by Anya Cordell, entitled: IN SEARCH OF COLLATERAL COMPASSION; AN UNTOLD SEPTEMBER 11TH STORY

The audio essay chronicles the narrator/producer’sunusual quest. The narrator, a Jewish woman, knew none of the victims personally. Yet, she became consumed with relieving the plight of the families of the men who were murdered by self-avowed ‘patriots’, in irrational revenge for the September 11th attacks.

She tells of becoming deeply entwined with thefamilies of Sikh and Hindu victims. She does battlewith charity administrators and reveals shockinglyoutrageous comments by Congressional Representatives,Second Lady Lynn Cheney, and others. The essay provides a host of information, notgenerally reported by the media and arouses interestin this issue in a surprisingly effective way.

The story leads listeners to discover their ownrighteous indignation and passion around this topic. Young people, in particular, who have been brought up in our culture that puts such great emphasis on appearance, find this CD truly impactful. One listener wrote: "It really is a remarkable work and I felt rather transformed by the end."

The thirty minute CD is singularly valuable for presentations, educational purposes, workshops, etc., to introduce this relatively unknown aspect of the9/11 tragedy. Poignant musical fragments add to itsimpact.

Anya Cordell founded the Campaign For CollateralCompassion, on behalf of the victims of the hate-backlash aftermath of 9/11. Her post 9/11 work hasbeen featured on the front page of THE WASHINGTON POST, in USA TODAY, THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS, SOMEONEYOU SHOULD KNOW (ABC-Chicago), and elsewhere.

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