Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Arab Economic Sanctions, a Defeat for the Syrian Regime Leads to More Isolation

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Press Release
Arab Economic Sanctions, a Defeat for the Syrian Regime Leads to More Isolation  
In response to the decision of the Arab League to impose economic sanction on the Syrian regime, the Syrian National Council (SNC) stated:   The SNC confirms that the economic sanctions approved by the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers against the Syrian regime for its refusal of the Arab Initiative are considered a defeat, and are an important step towards isolating it and limiting the supplies that fuel its war against the peaceful demonstrators in Syria.   Preventing the regime's officials from traveling, and halting trade and financial transactions with institutions under the regime's control, enhances the people's ability to respond to the oppression the Syrian regime practices against the unarmed civilians.   The Syrian regime is politically and morally responsible for any social effects that may result from these sanctions for its refusal to act logically by its reckless dealing with the sanctions and their expected results, and its failure to respond to the efforts of the Arab League.   The SNC calls on all Arab countries to continue the policy of isolating the regime on all levels - political, economic, and diplomatic, to immediately apply all decisions made and prevent the regime and its officials from bypassing them, and to confirm Arab unity with the Syrian people's struggles for freedom and dignity.   The SNC will continue its efforts with all countries and regional and international organizations to further isolate the regime and overthrow it as soon as possible.    
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