Monday, July 11, 2011


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EDITORS NOTE: Creators Syndicate is one of the only column syndications that distributes the columns of American Arabs.



            LOS ANGELES -- Creators Syndicate announces that Jack Newcombe has been named president and chief operating officer of the company, effective July 6, 2011. He takes over as president for Rick Newcombe, who will maintain his position as CEO and chairman of the board of Creators Syndicate.

            "Jack is a phenomenal executive and strategic thinker," Rick Newcombe says. "He is a natural leader with brains, charm and charisma, and he is leading the best staff in the business into a new world of content distribution and syndication. I am proud that Creators Syndicate is a family business and that my son is taking over."

            For the past two years, Jack has served as executive vice president/general manager of the third-largest syndicate in the country, during which time he has overseen the company¹s transition from a print-oriented business to an organization focused on new media and online enterprises, in addition to its traditional sources of revenue.

            In the past year, Creators Syndicate has fully automated and consolidated its content delivery service and greatly expanded its Web presence while continuing to keep the personal touch in sales and customer relations that is the company's hallmark. Jack implemented a new corporate culture and reorganized the company in order to improve communication and foster a better sense of ³team,² giving autonomy to the editorial and accounting departments while taking a hands-on approach to the business development, operations and marketing departments. In the coming years, Creators Syndicate will continue to expand while maintaining the flexibility and creativity that have allowed it to thrive in today's media marketplace.

            Following the announcement of his promotion, Jack named David Yontz to the position of managing editor. David, a graduate of Syracuse University's Newhouse School, has worked for Creators Syndicate for four years, starting as an editorial assistant.

            Prior to joining the company full time in June 2009, Jack received his Master of Business Administration from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Before business school, he worked for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley in Washington, D.C. Jack received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, where he was a four-year varsity athlete on the rowing (crew) team and was elected captain his senior year. Jack currently lives in Redondo Beach with his wife, Allison, who is in law school at UCLA.

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