Friday, January 21, 2011

Hollywood star Sayed Badreya to offer filmmaking workshop in Chicago in March

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Hey Everyone.
Sayed Badreya will be hosting a 2 week filmmaking workshop in Chicago beginning March 19, 2011. Now’s the time to sign up. The workshop will help you understand what needs to be done. And, it will be followed by the shooting of an actual movie short under Sayed Badreya’s direction.
There’s only a certain number of spaces available for workshop participants so you want to sign up now. If you ever wanted to shoot your own movie or write a movie script, this workshop is important.
If you are interested, let me know and I can connect you with Sayed. The workshop fee is $400 for the two weeks and covers everything you will need to know. All of the revenues generated will be put back into the cost of the workshops and the production of the film short.
We can change the world through creative thinking and film is still one of the most powerful mediums to achieve that.
Good luck and best regards
Please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested in participating.
Ray Hanania
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We live in a time when mass media has taken a major role in providing us with information about the world around us. We use that information in forming our own opinions and involving our emotions. We very often take that information for granted; we let ourselves use the same sources over and over again, without paying enough attention to the validity of the picture drawn by those sources. In a perfect world however, the images provided in media would mimic reality, and present us with an accurate picture helping us formulate informed and fair opinions and judgments which ultimately drive our actions. Unfortunately, our world is far from perfect. As immigrants of Arab origin, we have suffered too long as did our ancestors and others immigrants from all nationalities and religious backgrounds from the misconceptions and distorted picture that today's media has drawn of us for the consumption of the American audiences. It is very important to take the stance and define ourselves and portray ourselves in the right imagery in film. 

          In their continuous desire of advancing our community the  Ziyad Brothers, Ray Hanania, Reem Odeh, JoAnn Fakhouri with Arab-American filmmaker Sayed Badreya have collaborated to introduce the first 2011 Chicago Arab American Filmmaker Workshop.


Week one of the workshop: 
The first week workshop will be held in Chicago - March 19-April 2, 2011, for both industry and non-industry participants. This is designed to match the needs of experienced professionals who want to develop and hone their skills by concentrating on all areas of film-related projects.  Under the expert guidance of internationally known actor Sayed Badreya. Participants will come prepared to share their ideas with each other and involve themselves in discussions in order to improve and increase their knowledge of the US and Arab film industries. Participants will receive ongoing guidance from Mr. Badreya and other professionals throughout the program.
The workshop will address a wide range of related topics including; in-depth project development, script development, co-production strategies, budget and financing, marketing and production, as well as pitching. In addition individuals will have the added benefits of wide-ranging networking opportunities with key players from Hollywood film industries. This will include Hollywood industry professionals who live in Chicago. Plus offer first-hand experience, knowledge and awareness of Hollywood markets through project presentation.

Mr. Badreya will cover key topics such as:

·         How to write a short film
·         How to shoot a short film
·         How to promote short film in festivals.
·         How to turn a short film success into your feature film.

Techniques and discussions on 3 types of films will be covered throughout the week:

* Short Films.
The Interrogation (2002) USA: Running Time: 17 minutes
Producer: - Sayed Badreya
Won Best Creative Short Film at New York International Film Festival.

T for Terrorist (2003) USA: Running Time: 28 min
Producer: Sayed Badreya
Cast: Sayed Badreya, Tony Shalhoub
Awarded Best Short Film at the Boston International Film Festival and the San Francisco World Film Festival.
* Documentary Film.
Saving Egyptian Film Classics (2002) USA: Running Time: 52 minutes
Director: Sayed Badreya
Written by: Sayed Badreya
Produced by: Sayed Badreya
Cast: Martin Scorcese, Madyha Yussury, Zahi Hawass, and more

*Feature film.
American East (2007) Running Time: - 110 min
Co-written by: Sayed Badreya
Cast: Sayed Badreya, Tony Shalhoub
Award winning won best picture in Madrid Film Festival, 2008  

Enjoy 3 evenings of Q&A and Cinema conversations with Chicago’s Hollywood actors.

 Week Two of the workshop: 
Shooting a short film titled Chicago Mirage with Sayed Badreya and crew.
This 10min short film is a visual story of emotion and beauty depicted through the faces of three characters. A man who has been just released from prison after 10 years -seeing his 10 year old son for the first time. His beautiful wife who educated herself and became a successful medical doctor during her husband’s incarceration. This short artistic piece takes us through the first few hours of the man’s new freedom and how the three characters attempt to reconnect learning how to be a family. Creative cinematography will capture imagery of the lovely Chicago architecture and sites.  The film will be premiered at the Gene Siskel Film Theater as well as other venues in Los Angeles. This film will be submitted to all international and national film festivals. Names of sponsors will be accredited in the movies. .

The workshop will be limited to a select group of 25 participants who truly desire and have a passion for filmmaking and the industry. These 25 individuals will be accepted based on their submissions of their resume, video reel and a brief description of what they hope to gain from the workshop.
The workshop will be hosted in the downtown Chicago University. 
The workshop will be advertised on the Illinois Film Office website and well as the local Chicago newspapers and radio. As well as the local Arab media outlets.