Thursday, June 03, 2010

AL JAZEERA ANNOUNCES NEW NEWSROOM STRUCTURE Restructuring of newsroom to focus on heightened news excellence and integration between TV and online news

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Restructuring of newsroom to focus on heightened news excellence and integration between TV and online news

Doha, Qatar - June 2, 2010:  Al Jazeera Network announced today a new newsroom structure designed to continue to build quality in it news operations. The new structure will change the organization and method of work in the newsroom in what Al Jazeera has termed as the “Multiplatform Multimedia Newsroom”.  The Network has also commissioned a team of specialists to survey the latest developments in newsroom management with a focus on the interplay and relationship between the TV news and the Internet.

Elaborating on the new structure, Wadah Khanfar, Director General of the Al Jazeera Network stated, “The new structure of the newsrooms aims to bring a higher level of coordination between the Arabic and English channels as well as capitalizing on the synergies between the various departments in the network.  The changes are designed to help us manage our growth in a more efficient fashion while at the same time bringing a new level of excellence in our news coverage.”

In accordance with the new structure the Network announced several changes and new appointments in Al Jazeera Channel’s senior management. Mr. Ahmed Al-Sheikh, who served as Chief Editor of Al Jazeera Channel for nearly six years has been appointed as Media Advisor to the Chairman of the Al Jazeera Network, Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer al-Thani.  The Network has also appointed Mr. Ayman Gaballah, the former Deputy Chief Editor of Al Jazeera Channel, as the Managing Director of Al Jazeera Mubasher.  Similar to C-Span, Al Jazeera Mubasher is the first 24-hour live news and events channel in the Arab world focusing on uncut televised broadcasts of regional and international events as well as breaking news. Mr. Gaballah’s appointment will further extend and develop Mubasher’s breadth and scope and will expand the coverage of key events and activities across the Arab world.
Dr. Mostefa Souag, has been appointed as the Director of News for Al Jazeera Channel.  Previously, Dr. Souag served as the Adviser to the Chairman of Al Jazeera Network, Al Jazeera's Editorial Bureau Chief in London, as well as serving as the Director of Al Jazeera's Center for Studies. Mr. Souag will be assisted by four managers for increased coordination of the newsroom.

These will include the Head of Input who will supervise the respective departments responsible for planning, Al Jazeera’s correspondents, and newsgathering. Mr. Mohammed Dawood who has been appointed to this position, was previously the Managing Editor of Al Jazeera Net, and has a range of experience in the press, e-news agencies as well as his part-time status as a trainer at the Al Jazeera’s Training and Development Center.

Mr. Hassan Shweiki, has been appointed as the Head of Output.  Mr. Shweiki will be responsible for excellence in Al Jazeera’s news output through managing output staff and the different departments and units for news production as well as enhancing cooperation and consultation between Al Jazeera’s Doha headquarters and Al Jazeera’s international and regional bureaus.

The previous Deputy Managing Editor of Al Jazeera Net, Mr. Mohammed Al Mokhtar, has been appointed to serve as Manager of Web Content.  Mr. Mokhtar will work with his team on the coordination between Al Jazeera’s television news and online services and assure their functional interaction.

Mr. Ramzan Al Naimi has been appointed to be the Manager of the Creative Department.  This new department has been established with an aim to give more attention to the different aspects of on-air promotion and graphics and their direct contribution to the screen.

These changes are part of Al Jazeera’s ongoing commitment to bringing excellence in news production and increasing access to its content for audiences across the world.


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