Saturday, March 06, 2010

News Story: Radio Baladi making new strides for American Arab, Muslim and Middle Eastern news media

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Radio Baladi, Live Arab American Radio to Connect Listeners in Michigan, Northern Ohio, Northern Illionis and Windsor.
By: Adel A. Mozip

Radio Baladi, a new creative way of connecting listeners across three states and Windosr, Canada, was an idea of two Arab American journalists, one in Detroit, MI and the other in Chicago, Illinois. The two journalists, Ray Hanania and Laila Alhussini launched Radio Baladi on the 12th of February to broadcoast to liseners every Friday at 8:00 am via 690 AM WNZK radio in Southfield, Michigan and 7 am WJJG 1530 AM in Chicago, Illinois.

“We are trying to demonstrate, by linking our stations, that we shouldn’t be ignored,” Hanania said. “We want them to know that we are doing our best to serve as a communications network with our community.”

Hanania hosts "Morning With Ray" on WJJG every weekday on 1530 AM Chicago. He also writes for the Jerusalem Post and a Palestinian online news site, Hanania also has 12 years’ experience with radio in the Chicago area. Laila Alhussini, hosts her morning show, "Good Morning Show" on 690 AM.

“Radio Baladi opens the dialogue between Arab Americans and other Americans from other cultures. There is a huge misunderstanding between Muslims, Arabs and non-Arabs and non-Muslims and through this talk show, we're aiming to clear this misunderstanding." Alhussini added.

Over the last four broadcoasts in February and first in March, Radio Baladi has discussed many issues that are of interest to Arab Americans. The talk show brought experts to discuss these issues while engaging listeners to ask questions and voice their opinions on air. The issues discussed on the radio show ranged from the Hijab ban lawsuit against Judge William Callahan, to full body scanners to mainstrame media coverage on issues with relation to Arabs and Muslims. Last Friday, the talk show discussed the misconceptions of Arabs and Muslims in the American society as well as the misunderstanding between Arabs and Americans.

Radio Baladi is foreseeing success in its broadcoast and is looking forward to expand. The hosts are considering expanding the simultaneous broadcast to the Washington D.C. in the near future.