Tuesday, January 12, 2010

British officials to visit Gaza Strip, press conference

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Invitation for Press Conference: 50 MPs/MEPs leave to Gaza
The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG) will hold a press conference tomorrow Wednesday, in which it will announce the launch of a parliamentarian trip to Gaza that includes tens of MPs/MEPs from across Europe. The press conference will be conducted at 12 PM, at M ROOM Portcullis house in the British Parliament in london.
The delegation trip to Gaza is part of a series of actions carried out by ECESG and the Palestinian Return Center in the UK and Europe. For an entire week, actions and events for Palestinian victims will be carried in remembrance of the victims killed in the past 60 years especially Gaza.
Gerald Kaufmann, MP would be chairing the conference which will state the aim of the visit. Other participating MPs will speak as well.
The largest Parliamentarian Delegation from across Europe is preparing to leave to the besieged Gaza Strip within 2 days.  The delegation will aim at looking at the realty and the humanitarian conditions resulted in the Israeli war and a 4-year siege.

In press statement, The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG) said it has finalized all needed arrangements and fully coordinated with the Egyptian Foreign Ministry concerning the visit of the MEPs and MPs delegation to Gaza via Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza."

ECESG pointed out that the delegation consists of 50 MPs/MEPs. The parliamentarians represent twelve European countries whom of which will be members of the European Parliament and former ministers. They will investigate and see the ramifications of last onslaught perpetrated against the Gaza civilians.

The delegation will meet with Egyptian officials and the Secretary General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, to discuss the humanitarian condition in Gaza Strip, especially in light of the continued siege which Israel has been imposed for years.

The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza organized various Parliamentarian delegations that visited Gaza however this one is considered to be the largest delegation visiting Gaza.

 For more information:
The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza
Contact: 00447908200559

Palestine Memorial Week starts on Wednesday, 13th January

In commemoration of the victims of Gaza and also in remembrance of six decades of brutality against the Palestinians, The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), Palestinian Forum in the UK, European Campaign to End Siege on Gaza, Islamic forum of Europe (IFE), Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), Islamic Human Rights Commission in Britain (IHRC), Russell Tribunal, Student Council Goldsmith University and Action Palestine will be holding a number of events between 13th to 19th of January 2010.

The key event within the week will be  on Wednesday, 13th January at Friends House, London Euston from 6:30 to 9:30. The initiative will  focus on the suffering endured by Palestinians  over the past 60 years especially during the recent war in Gaza war.
Jeremy Corbyn MP, Baroness Jenny Tonge and Lord Nazir Ahmad Ahmed will be part of the event where they will speak about the disaster in Gaza and Palestine.

Palestinian Ambassador in the UK, Manuel Hasasian and General Director of the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), Majed Al-Zeer will also share their thoughts during the conference. Representatives of participating organizations will also take part and provide their support and solidarity for the Palestinian people .

Ken Loach, famous British Film Director who has many extensive and fascinating cinema productions like  Poor Cow, Family Life, Looking for Eric,  It's a Free World...,  Tickets  and many more, will join the speakers where he will express his view on the suffering of Palestinians.

A detailed presentation on the conditions in Gaza by Middle East Expert Peter Eyre will highlight the violations committed by Israel. Frank Barat, Russell Tribunal Palestine coordinator in London will speak about the many progressive steps taken towards prosecuting Israeli war criminals.

A  Palestinian survivor from Gaza, Rawad Hamad and Ewa Jasiewicz Free Gaza Coordinator who worked and lived in Gaza for some time will take part in the activities.
A Palestinian woman, Om Kamel, whose house was destroyed many times over in Occupied Jerusalem, is expected to be among the key speakers. A gallery on Gaza's recent conditions and the last onslaught will be placed in the venue.

PRC and the participating organizations placed a half page in the guardian Monday 11, Jan 2010. On Tuesday, 12 Jan 2010, another add will be placed in the independent. The ads include pictures and information about the dilemmas in the Gaza Strip and what happened last year.

Endorsed by, Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), Friends of Al Aqsa, Labour Friends Of Palestine and the Middle East (LFPME), Free Palestine Movement (FPM) and International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

The ad can be seen in the link below: http://www.prc.org.uk/newsite/en/centre-activities/94-lobbying-a-delegations/418-palestine-memorial-week-qhalf-page-in-thegurdianq