Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Arab American cartoon added to syndication

Award winning journalist, columnist and standup comedian Ray Hanania has launched "Ray Hanania's World" comic strip, which lampoons topics from the Middle East to suburban Chicago, and also pays particular attention to the hypocrisy in the mainstream American news media.

The comics are located on the Internet for viewing at:

The cartoon series is archived at http://www.themediaoasis.com/ and is distributed through several online media sources including http://www.orlandparker.com/, which focuses on Southwest suburban Chicago issues specifically in orland Park; the National Arab American Journalists Association at http://www.naaja-us.com/ which focuses on news media hypocrisy and anti-Arab bias; at http://www.radiochicagoland.com/ which focuses on Chicago area political issues; and at the Arab American Writers Syndicate web site at http://www.arabwritersgroup.com/ which focus on Middle East issues.

All of the comic strips will run under one banner name, "Ray Hanania's World," but may vary in their focus. The topics addressed will determine their placement.

"The Internet and the computer revolution have really allowed ethnic groups advance causes of justice and principle breaking right through the front windshields of the mainstream news media's ongoing bias and discrimination," Hanania explains.

"Today, you do not have to become enslaved by the mainstream news media and its bias and bigotry and instead, using the power of the Internet, can create and distribute communications products that range from columsn, news and features, to photographs and comic strips. The most powerful messages are those that are partnered with humor and satire and comic strips, in a few words, can say much."

Visit http://www.themediaoasis.com/ for more information.

The Archive Site for all of Ray Hanania's World Comic Strips is:

Ray Hanania