Saturday, April 05, 2008

Iraqi Shi'ite militia slaughter Palestinians there

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Shia death squads murder Palestinians in Iraq.

Palestinians in Iraq are facing gradual extermination by Shias militants who are supported by Iran.Chicago

Palestinian Doctor Layla Ali Taha and her young daughter were brutally killed yesterday by Shia death squads in their apartment in the area of Zayounah, in Baghdad

Dr. Layla and her daughter were attacked and stabbed with knives until death , then their attackers burned their bodies and the entire apartment.This heinous crime comes as part of systematic extermination campaign of Palestinians by Shia death squads, who are supported by Iran, according to reports from Iraq.

Dr. Layla's and her young daughter charred remains will be brought to mosque for prayer and burial in the Baladiyat area tomorrow.

Palestinians in Iraq are facing more hardship and extreme danger because they are Palestinian Arabs and non Shia Iraqis. Palestinians who have been living in Iraq for over 60 years, since 1948,have never been allowed to own property, or have IDS, and have no Iraqi citizenship, or any other citizenship.

In the past 5 years, Palestinians were targeted by Shia militants and death squads for extermination and murder campaign designed to drive them off out of the country.

Thousands of Palestinians have fled Iraq thus far, many were taking by Latin American countries, as far as Chile and Brazil, and some European countries. Arab countries have refused to admit those refugees in their countries, thus, perhaps inadvertently,helping Israel in keeping the Palestinian refugees as far as possible from the Middle East.Palestinian in Iraq are living in mortal fear of being identified as Palestinians , and those who live outside the Palestinian ghetto, are being murdered when their neighbors identify them as Palestinians thus bringing Shia death squads to brutally kill them as in the case of Dr. Layla Taha.

Most of the remaining 14000 Palestinians who are trapped in Iraq are living in the Ghetto in the Baladiyat area in Baghdad , in addition to another 1000 Palestinian live in the city of Mousel.