Thursday, November 15, 2007

Arab History Conference Dec. 7-9, 2007

The Arab American Historical Foundation
cordially invites to its second annual
Arab American History Conference
hosted by
The University of Maryland
College Park., MD

December 7-9, 2007
Prof. Suheil Bushrui
conference chairman

For registration and to place ads in the conference program book, contact:

Conference committee
Arab American Historical Foundation
POBox 291159, Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 466-9800, (818) 507-0333,
fax: (818) 246-1936

Conference Speakers:

Among confirmed scholars to present papers at the Arab American History Conference are:

Dr. Anan Ameri
Director of the Arab American National Museum, author of
several books about Arab Americans, Detroit, Michigan.

Sami Asmar
Physicist at NASA’s Jet Prepulsion Laboratory(JPL) Pasadena,
California, manages a group investigating plenetary gravity via spacecraft radio
signals; will address the historic role of Arab American scientific contributions;
Advisory Board member of the Arab American Historical Foundation.

Prof. Miles L. Bradbury
Professor in the Department of History, University of
Maryland teaches courses on U.S. History and Early American History with
a special interest in Ameen Rihani and his times.

Prof. Suheil B. Bushrui
Director of the Kahlil Gibran Chair for Values and Peace Project at the
Center for Heritage Resource Studies, the University of Maryland.
The Chair is the first academic forum in the world devoted to the preservation of
Gibran’s legacy and the promotion of East-West intercultural relations. He is the foremost
authority on the works of Kahlil Gibran, and has done extensive work in Arabic and
English on Ameen Rihani and his intellectual legacy as a bridge-builder between the East and the West.

Dr. Sawsan El Hady
Egyptian scholar; one time Professor of Arabic at the
University of Beijing, China; the University of New Zealand; author and consultant.

Dr. Edmund Ghareeb
Is the first Mustafa Barzani Scholar of Global Kurdish
Studies at American University’s Center for Global Peace and Adjunct Professor
of Middle East History and Politics in the School of International Service;author.

Hon. Nick J. Rahall
Congressman, Fourth District, West Virginia, since 1977.
Became the youngest member of the 95th Congress at 27, Washington, DC.

Prof. Paul Shackel
Associate Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Anthropology and Director of the Center for Heritage Resource
Studies at the University of Maryland. His research interests include: historical
archaeology, industrial archaeology, complex societies, labor history, consumer
behavior and public history.

Richard Shadyac, Esq.
Attorney and former executive director of ALSAC/
St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital which recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary, Virginia.

Dr. Irfan Shahid
Professor of Arabic and Islamic Literature at Georgetown
University where he teaches courses on Classical Arabic Poetry and Prose, and
Arabic Literature and Culture. He has written on Gibran and Rihani, and has a
special interest in the literary tradition of Arab-American writers.
He is giving the keynote address at the Second Arab-American History Conference.

Prof. Michael Suleiman
Professor at the University of Kansas,
author of several books about Arab Americans, Kansas.

Poet Henri Zoghaib
Director, The Center for Lebanese Heritage,
Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon.

The Arab American Historical Foundation:
The Arab-American Historical Foundation (AAHF) was established in Los Angeles, 1978,
by Joseph R. Haiek, publisher of The News Circle/Arab American Affairs magazine and
the Arab American Almanac series, to promote preservation and dissemination of Arab-American history.
It is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3). For more details, contact:

The Arab American Historical Foundation:
POBox 291159, Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 466-9800, (818) 507-0333,
fax: (818) 246-1936