Sunday, September 02, 2007

Arab American enters 6th District Virginia Congressional Race

Sam Rasoul For Congress
P.O. Box 126
Blue Ridge, VA 24064
540 312 9449
540 297 7400 fax
Roanoke Native to Seek Congressional Seat

Roanoke, VA. One of the Roanoke Valley's own, Sam Rasoul, will seek the Congressional Seat of the Sixth District of Virginia in 2008. This seat held by Bob Goodlatte has gone largely uncontested in recent years, however the revival of the Democratic Party in Virginia has sparked interest in many races.

Sam, who is 26 years of age now, will be 27 by the time of the election in November of 2008.
Sam Rasoul attended Roanoke County and Botetourt County Schools before graduating from Roanoke College in Salem where he finished his degree in Business Administration, followed by an MBA in International Business.

He never felt the urge to live someplace else because, “Roanoke is safe, quite, and beautiful. What more do you need?”

On the ticket as a Democrat, Sam says he will be pushing for three main issues: Accessible and Affordable Healthcare, Pre-K and Post-Secondary Education, and Small Business Development. “I feel these are issues that touch the everyday lives of the people in the Sixth District,” Sam stated, “these are issues of national priority and of priority to our region.”

As Congressman, Sam Rasoul has pledged half of his salary to two local initiatives, namely in Healthcare and Small Business Development. These funds will be used to start organizations that help our localities meet these needs.

Sam would also like to use his age to lure young citizens to be more civic minded. Democrats believe this is a welcome addition to politics in our region.