Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SIRAJ Holy Studies Program completes first session, produces online videos

The first month of the Palestinian Summer Celebration for this year already finished successfully and we just started our second month. Participants traveled from Chile, USA, England, Scotland and Switzerland.

The 2007 participants have produced three videos so far:


2- (via Dolorossa, religious)


The last video is the most updated one and all the videos expresses the personal experiences for the participants. More over, our participants have written about their time in Palestine and you can find more information at:

iraj Center has hosted different people this summer who traveled to Palestine either to make a film, write a story, give lectures and talks, or delegations who visit Palestine either to visit Holy Sites and meet with locals and understand the political situation or fact finding missions and work groups.

For more information, please visit Salaam,
George S. Rishmawi
Coordinator,Siraj, Center For Holy Land Studies
Schools Street, Beit SahourPalestine