Thursday, June 28, 2007

MidEastYouth wins major prize from Atlas Economic Research Foundation

We are extremely proud to announce the fact that we won the $5,000 award from the Atlas Economic Research Foundation for leading the best New Intellectual Entrepreneurship Project, our FIRST financial gain after a full year of being active.

The reason we won is the following:

"Your project was the most appealing among all entries. We were particularly impressed because the forum manages several blogs, provides free services to other cyber activists, is responsive to breaking news, and has a large network of supporters and reporters in different countries in the Mideast region. It was also helpful to review your detailed budget that was precise, reasonable, and tied to outcomes. "

- Sajid Anani, program manager for Atlas’s Middle East program

I congratulate all Mideast Youth authors, staff members and participants on this huge step forward. The money will be mostly used for technical improvements such as a professional re-design of the site as well as eventually moving to a dedicated server.

We hope to see the design done by the end of July and we hope to be moving our servers to a powerful one in December so we can start next year on an entirely new page!

Congratulations everyone.