Tuesday, May 15, 2007

NEW: The American Muslim Teenager’s Handbook

I'd like to share the news of the recent publication of our book titled 'The American Muslim Teenager's Handbook' which addresses this growing, but often ignored demographic - Muslim teens! Please visit www.theamth.com for more info - your name keeps popping up as an involved, concerned citizen of this country who is attempting to fight the war on ignorance about Arab Americans as well as Muslim Americans - please keep up the great work as we desparately need more journalists/publishers like yourself! I would be honored if you reviewed this book on your website. I'm sending you the press release which you are free to run on your website if you choose - please support us in our efforts to educate and empower the Muslim youth of America!

Dilara Hafiz, Imran Hafiz & Yasmine Hafiz

The American Muslim Teenager’s Handbook

Accessible and provocative, The American Muslim Teenager’s Handbook by Dilara Hafiz, Imran Hafiz, and Yasmine Hafiz, is a fresh perspective on Islam updated for the 21st century. The essentials of Muslim beliefs are interspersed with lively commentary and quotes from American Muslim teenagers. Each chapter deals with a timely subject in Islam, beginning with excerpts from the Quran and a teen-friendly interpretation of that verse, then offering real-world examples that illustrate the essence of Muslim life. “What a delightful, hilarious, wonderful, beautiful book! I loved it!” says noted Muslim spokesman, Reza Aslan, author of No God but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam.
Muslim teenagers across America contributed their thoughts on living as American Muslims, expressing their heartfelt belief that one can successfully fulfill that role through better education and greater understanding – hence the need for the user-friendly Handbook. There is a dearth of current literature that addresses Muslim teens or discusses Islam in a progressive context. With books such as this one, the media’s constant refrain of “Where are the Moderate Muslims?” is no longer a valid question. Anyone curious about the silent majority of Muslims who do not receive media coverage will find this a refreshing, fascinating read.
Dilara Hafiz and her two children, Yasmine and Imran, all possess a strong background in Islam, but it is their insightful combined experiences as a mother and Sunday School teacher, teenage students, interfaith activists, and public speakers that elevate the Handbook into a ‘must-read book’ for anyone interested in Islam. “What a book! I wish every major faith had just such a book for teens of their faith. We could then share them… and build peace in the world." - Dr. Paul Eppinger, Executive Director - Arizona Interfaith Movement
To purchase a book or to learn more about the authors, go to www.theamth.com.
The American Muslim Teenager’s Handbook, ISBN 978-0-9792531-2-6, $11.95, 5½” x 8½” , 144 pages.