Sunday, April 15, 2007

PLO/DAIR: Occupation killing children's "childhood"

Press Release
PLO says Israeli Occupation is murdering Childhood

The Palestinian children lately celebrated the Palestinian children's day – (5th April). A series of formal and public festivals were held throughout the Palestinian areas; the massage was the need to secure a dignified and free life for them.

Since 2000, about 900 Palestinian children were murdered and 16.000 were injured by the Israeli forces, 750 of whom were left with permanent disabilities. About 6000 children (13-18 years old) were imprisoned by the Israeli occupation- 398 of whom are still in prisons up to this day, another 16 are administrative detainees and have been held without a trial for till now. Mohammed Khawaja 13-year-old is the youngest Palestinian child detainee in the Israeli jails.

The Palestinian children in Nablus and other areas are still used as human shields by the Israeli military army during Israeli army raids to the Palestinian houses.

The Israeli unjustified practices against our kids are depriving Palestinian children from the basic element of a normal life; right to education, freedom of movement and even the right to play. Most children went through the experience of losing a beloved relative or friend, removed from his place of living, as well the experience of being assaulted on checkpoints and barriers.

The occasion takes us back to the memories of Deer Yassin massacre that was committed by the Israeli gangs in April 9th 1948 when tens of Palestinian children and their parents were slaughtered.

The Department of Arab and International Affairs- PLO, would like to add its voice to the Palestinian children's, and to urge UN Children Committee, humanitarian organizations and governmental and non governmental bodies to stand up to their designated missions in the defense of deprived children, namely the Palestinian children in order to secure a decent and safe life for them.
Defending the Palestinian children rights- can’t be interpreted without recognizing the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people and his right to establish his own independent state.

Department of Arab and International Relations /DAIR
April 14th, 2007