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Israeli Palestinian Comedy Tour Toronto, Canada May 29 Roy Thompson Hall

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Three Jews and an Arab walk into a bar …
Sumrey and Let’s Talk Entertainment present
One Night Only, May 29, 2007
Peace Through Comedy
If we can laugh together, we can live together!

Performing for the first time outside of Israel, an Israeli American, a Palestinian American and two converts to Judaism, one African American and the other ultra-Orthodox, will take the stage at Roy Thomson Hall for one night only, Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 8pm.
The brainchild of Charley Warady (American ex-pat comedian and Israeli since 1996) and Ray Hanania (Palestinian American comedian since forever), THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN COMEDY TOUR was borne of a conversation about peace in the Middle East. "How hard could it be? First peace in the Mideast, then the Nobel Peace Prize."
THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN COMEDY TOUR is full of jokes that test political and religious limits. There are cracks about settlers, occupation, Jewish circumcision and suicide bombers. One may wonder how anyone could laugh about these things, but after four SRO shows in Israel so far this year, one in a synagogue, the comedians will tell everyone who will listen, humour can help any warring relationship!
It's the first time Palestinian and Israeli comics have toured together; instead of pointing fingers at one another and blaming each other, they are laughing; they are pointing fingers at themselves and laughing; and they are pointing fingers in indiscriminate directions and laughing … it's never been done before. "Well, except for the peace talks," adds Charley Warady.
The Jerusalem Post recently reported, "Protesters outside Jerusalem's American Colony Hotel last Thursday night couldn't halt the peals of laughter emanating from the historic inn, where a group of Israeli, Palestinian and Jewish American comics calling themselves 'The Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour' were staging their two-hour show."
"I don't think humour or comedy by itself resolves conflicts," reflected Hanania, "Israelis and Palestinians need to see each other as human beings. I don't think the shows can do more than be funny and successful. But in doing that, it has to leave an impact on people that's positive."

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Israeli American Charley Warady headlined comedy clubs and colleges across the U.S., and appeared on NBC and Comedy Central, before immigrating to Israel ten years ago where he has continued his career targeting every aspect of life and politics in Israel.
Palestinian American Ray Hanania is a columnist, former political operative and current stand-up comedian making his Jewish audience laugh at themselves and at the luckless, ordinary Arabs living in the U.S. after 9/11, who are often branded as terrorists by their countrymen.
A former Irish Italian Catholic from Philadelphia, Yisrael Campbell made aliyah six years ago. Campbell appears on stage much as he dresses every day around the holy city — wearing a long black coat, a hat and a Moses-like beard. "Is it warm in here or am I the only one dressed for Poland in the 1700s?"
African American Jewish convert Aaron Freeman is a standup comedian, popular columnist, and radio commentator. His views on being a black, Jewish convert, have made him a hit all across America. "Are you trying to give an extra merit badge to a KKK sniper?" queried Freeman's friends upon learning of his conversion plans.
With a message of hope in the midst of hatred THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN COMEDY TOUR uses comedy to help people in conflict find a way to co-exist since "it's not possible to aim a rifle when you're laughing."

Sumrey and Let’s Talk Entertainment present
60 Simcoe Street
One Night Only, May 29, 2007 @ 8pm
Tickets on Sale at 10am on Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Tickets range from $49 - $69 including taxes
and can be purchased at http://www.roythomson.com or by calling 416.872-4255 or in person at Roy Thomson Hall box office
Peace Through Comedy!

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