Monday, November 27, 2006

New Christian Arab Web site launched

Middle East Christians Gather Online –
By Marianne Albina

In August 2006, a new initiative was launched in the Middle East to enable Arab and Middle East Christians to meet and gather online. or "reaching out", the new portal aims to provide a new means of communications that brings together Middle East Christians. The goal is to form the one and only available database for Arab and Middle East Christians.

There were several driving forces behind the creation of but at core it is a project that challenges all myths that deny Arab Christians their Arab identity. The site emphasizes the aspiration of many to stay connected despite all obstacles, including the restriction on movement and emigration. founders found a way to rise above geographical boundaries, if only by cyberspace.

They are highlighting the Arab Christian identity and seeking to stave off the wave of Arab Christian emigration from the Middle East.

"Some people are not even aware that Arab Christians exist," said Yacoub Elias Tahhan, General Manager of "Even when the Arab Christian identity is mentioned, it is sometimes politically abused and misinterpreted," said a colleague of his on Wusul’s Board of Directors.

The political conditions in the Middle East and their impact on the economy as well as the psyche of families has led many to seek better opportunities overseas; a fact that has made the phenomenon of Christian emigration a concern to all churches and individuals such as the founders of Wusul. Amidst this reality, this new initiative preserves diversity in the Middle East and keeps a Christian witness in the area. offers a glimpse of hope to people wishing to underline their existence by coming together despite all odds. has created a meeting place for individuals, institutions, churches, and any association related to Christian entities. It is a place to create personal, social and professional networks with people who one would hardly have the chance to meet otherwise.