Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chicago Muslims Condemn Israeli Invasion and Call for a Balanced US Policy to Protect America

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Chicago Muslims Condemn Israeli Invasion and Call for a Balanced US Policy to Protect America

The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (“The Council”) condemns the recent Israeli attack on a shelter in a residential area in Lebanon killing 60 persons, most of whom were children, and all other acts of violence that intentionally or indiscriminately target civilians and civilian institutions.

The Council also condemns Hezbollah targeting Israeli civilians. The Council strongly urges President Bush to join the United Nations in asking for an immediate cease-fire by all parties. We also ask President Bush to take immediate steps to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine and other extra-territorial lands, which is the main cause of the ongoing conflict between Israel and its neighbors.

The Israeli invasion of Lebanon and the violent incursions and re-occupation of Palestinian lands have achieved nothing more than the collective murder of innocent civilians.The Bush Administration’s unconditional support for Israel does not serve American interests in the region or anywhere else.

Abdul Malik Mujahid, Chairman of the Council, stated, “Our unilateral support of Israel's collective punishment will only isolate America and will produce an image of the United States as a country that lacks the moral character to differentiate right from wrong. America's interests are not served by continuing to supply Israel with American-made planes and bombs which are being used by Israel to commit war crimes against the civilian population. Our government’s support for such attacks and our government’s opposition to a cease-fire makes us all less safe, because it boosts anti-American feelings throughout the world. On the other hand, American support for a cease-fire and for U.N. peacekeepers, followed by an even-handed American attempt to help the parties resolve their conflict, would undermine the forces that would seek to target the U.S.”

We call on all people of conscience, including religious leaders and public officials, to condemn this latest escalation of violence by Israel. We ask all Americans to exercise their democratic rights and contact their Congressional leaders and the White House to demand an immediate cease-fire.

The Council is a federation of approximately 50 major Islamic centers, mosques, academic institutions, schools, civic, professional, and social service groups. Through its member organizations, the Council represents the collective interests and viewpoint of over 400,000 individual Muslims in Chicago's greater vicinity.


To arrange an interview with the Council leadership, contact Janaan Hashim: 312-218-4961 or 312-506-0700