Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Book on Arab Christians in Israel

Amazing Stories Give Hope to Situation in Israel

July 10/PRNewswire/ -- With rocket-strikes and hostage-taking once again bringing theMiddle East situation back into the headlines, many could be forgiven inthinking that the situation is beyond resolution. But author Julia Fisher has offered hope for the future of the region, bytelling some amazing stories of reconciliation and forgiveness. A Future For Israel (ISBN: 1-86024-531-5, price: GBP6.99) is published by Authentic Media,and contains eight inspiring stories of Christian Arabs.

Many live in Israeland have suffered at the hands of Jews, but rather than this leading to hate,they have found the strength to forgive and show love to their Jewishneighbours. In one of the stories, Fisher introduces readers to George Kazoura, anArab pastor, who fled his home in the city of Haifa in Israel with his familyduring the War of Independence in 1948. When he returned a month later, hefound to his horror, that a Jewish family had moved into his home and hadburnt all his household's belongings. Homeless and bitter, Kazoura wanted thedestruction of the Jewish people.

He dabbled in communism and atheism and in 1961, he attended a Christianrevival meeting in Nazareth with intention to disrupt it. However, Kazourafound it deeply moving and after much deliberation became a Christian. Hereturned to his old house and stood outside and felt at peace with the Jewishpeople who had lived there since he had been made homeless. In 1990, Kazouraopened an orphanage, the House of Love and Peace in the village of Rama. Mostof the children are Muslims who previously had been taught to kill, yet atthe orphanage, they learn to love their Jewish neighbours.

Julia Fisher is a writer and broadcaster and has visited Israel on over 30 occasions, often leading group trips. She says of the book: "Having visited the Holy Land so frequently, I've been introduced to many people. I have built strong relationships based on trust and respect. This book is the result and has obviously been written with their full agreement, because these Arab Christians want the West to know what is going on. These stories are rare, they are brave, and they represent a growing movement. There is something remarkable going on in the spiritual realm in the lives of everyday people that challenges ancient enmity and hatred."


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