Friday, March 31, 2006

AMANA announces Knowing Islam Contest

"Bringing Communities Together" A Mission of AMANA
Saturday & Sunday April 15-16, 2006
(Sat. 11:00AM to 9:00PM & Sun. 11:00AM to 6:00PM)

3222 Holiday Springs Blvd., Margate, FL 33063, Tel. 954-575-3872
The First Exhibit of its kind on:
"Pakistan Earthquake"

(AMER, American Muslims for Emergency & Relief, Inc.
With the association of "BAITULMAAL" will present a unique Exhibit on
"Pakistan Earthquake" at the AMANA Festival.)
- Rides for the kids, Free Toys & Candies, Games, Sports &
Lots of Fun for the entire Family.
- Islamic Market-Great Products for Sale
- Tickets $5.00 /Donation/Meal
(Proceeds will go to purchase Qur’an, books and out reach efforts)
Contact us: (305) 898-9314
For More Information and for tickets Contact:
(Br. Sofian, AMANA 305-898-9314), (Br. Yazid, Masjid Al-Mumineen 954-977-6753), (Br. Rashid, AMANA 954-647-0306), (Br. Shazam, Masjid Shamsuddin 305-502-5585), (Br. Osman, Masjid Al Mutaqeen 954-593-2751), (Br. Bassam, Masjid Al Iman )(Br. M. Sanhaji, Masjid ICBR 561-436-2756), (Br. Shabir, Masjid Miami Gardens 305-624-5555), (Br. Moen, IMOF 954-963-9154), (Br. Rashid AMANA 954-647-0306), Sister Safiya, Al-Mumineen 954-600-6848), (Sister Rafee, Al-Mumineen 954-984-4571), (Br. Nael Pompano Masjid 954-274-0111)

Event by: AMANA, The American Muslim Association of North America
Media Contact Br. Sofian Abdelaziz, Tel. (305) 898-9314

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"Bringing Communities Together." A mission of AMANA

50 Questions on Islam
(The Questions are in the Back of this flyer)
1st Prize $75.00,2nd Prize $50.00 & 3rd Prize $25.00
Cake Baking & Decorating Contest
(Home Made Round or Square Cakes)
"No Store Bought Cake – please"
1st Prize $50.00, 2nd Prize $25.00 & 3rd Prize $25.00
Hand Drawn Picture of Any of the three Holy Mosques:
(Color Pencil or Crayon)
Size – 14 x 17 Constructions Paper
1st Prize $25.00, 2nd Prize $25.00 & 3rd Prize $25.00
At the AMANA Festival: Masjid Jamaat Al-Mu’mineen / Tel. 954-575-3872
3222 Holiday Springs Blvd., Margate, FL 33063 (West Sample Rd.)
All work must be submitted by:
Saturday, 4/15/2006 before 3:00PM
Prizes Awarded: Sunday, 4/16/2006 at 5:00 PM

Please contact: Sr. Safiya Tel. 954-600-6848

Or AMANA at: 305-898-9314 or 954-647-0306
"Bringing communities together is AMANA mission"
The American Muslim Association of North America, AMANA

(Please Submit your Answers with your Name, Address and Phone Number)
(1st Prize $75.00, 2nd Prize $50.00 & 3rd Prize $25.00)
1- What is Da’wah means?
2- How many Surah (Verse) are there in the Qur’an?
3- How many Ayah are there in the longest Surah?
4- Which is the longest Surah?
5- How many Ayah is there in the shortest Surah?
6- What is the sin that Allah will claim war against who committed?
7- Where was the Prophet Muhammad born?
8- Name the prophet’s father?
9- What is Sunnah?
10- Can Angels do anything without permission of Allah?
11- Why Islam prohibit "Back Biting"?
12- How old was the prophet when he died?
13- What was the most important characteristic of the prophet’s first wife?
14- What did the prophet do to earn his living as a young man?
15- Who the most qualified to lead the prayer according to our prophet Hadith.
16- It is OK to read the Qur’an without understand it! True False
17- How old was the Prophet when his mother died?
18- How old was the prophet when Allah’s first message of Qur’an revealed to him?
19- Where was Allah’s first message of Qur’an revealed to the Prophet Muhammad
20- What did Khadeejah answer after the prophet told her of the first revelation?
21- Who were the first to accept Islam?
22- Who was the closest to the prophet and one of the most hostile?
23- What is AL-Isra and Al-Mi-rag ?
24- What does faith (Iman) mean?
25- People are questioned in the grave by two Angels. True or False?
26- What make the Halal meat Halal?
27- What are the Angels who write the deeds of everybody called?
28- What is the meaning of Al-Jabbar mentioned in the last two verses of Surah Al-Hashr?
29- Does Islam permit to keep statues at the house?
30- True or False: It is Haram to not speak with your Muslim brother after a fight more than three days.
31- True or False: Muslims should be respectful to their non-Muslim parents even if
they are arguing with them to renounce Islam.
32- Is smoking tobacco Haram?
33- True or False: the Prophet (PBUH) said: "The most perfect believers are the best in conduct and
the best of you are those who are best to their wives."
34- True or False: Mistreatment of Muslim women occurs when traditions and extremism end become
more important than following the teaching of Islam.
35- How the mother of the believers ‘Aisha (RAA) contributed to Islam?
36- When did Prophet Mohammad visited Jerusalem?
37- What was the capital of Spain during the Islamic Rule?
38- Who are the Righteous Caliphs?
39- Was prophet Isa (Jesus) (AS) crucified and killed?
40- Who is the mother of Prophet Isa?
41- What are Allah’s signs which Prophet Musa (AS) used to convince the pharaoh?
42- How many prophet s have Allah mentioned by name in His Qur’an?
43- Continue the following hadith of the prophet (PBUH): "You will not believe unless you love..
44- What is the greatest sin of all?
45- What should the listener do when hearing the Azan?
46- What is Salat Al Duha?
47- What is the meaning of Al Rahman Al Raheem?
49- What is the heaviest word to Allah?
50- Did any of the Prophets claim to be God?