Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Free Muslims Demand release of Journalist

Free Muslims Demand Release of American Journalist from Iraq

Washington, DC Jan. 17--- The Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism (FMC), an AmericanMuslim organization, demands the release of Jill Carroll, an American journalist who waskidnapped in Iraq.

Jill Carroll appeared in a video that was shown on the al-Jazeera television network. This was the first time Carrol was shown since she was kidnapped on January 7, 2006after meeting with Adnan Dulaimi who is an Iraq politician.

News reports indicate that she was kidnapped by a little known group by the name of"Vengeance Brigade." While it is not clear why Carrol was kidnapped, shortly after herkidnapping, protesters in Baghdad demanded the release of Iraqi women from U.S. detention.

Regardless of why Carol was abducted, her kidnapping is immoral and counter productiveto the interest of those who want the U.S. to leave Iraq. While kidnapping anyone iswrong, the abduction of journalists and women is particularly repulsive. In everyinstance where the Koran mentions war and peace, there is an injunction againsttargeting women. Moreover, "journalists are in the business of publishing the truth and there isabsolutely no benefit or justification for targeting journalists. It must stop." Said Kamal Nawash, the President of FMC.

"The Free Muslims call on American Muslim organizations and Muslim leaders in the Arab world to condemn the kidnapping of Carroland any other innocent person. This is necessary because many terrorists around theMuslim world believe that they have grass root support. They will only refrain fromkidnappings and other vile acts if Muslims make it clear that they are repulsed by suchbarbaric tactics" said Nawash.

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For Immediate Release Contact: Kamal Nawash
January 18, 2006
Phone: 202-776-7190