Thursday, December 29, 2005

DAIR -- Israelis planning to Ban Jerusalem Christians and Muslims from voting in Palestinian elections

Press Release
Dec. 29, 2005
The Department of Arab and International Relations (DAIR)

alerts of banning Jerusalemites from participating in 2006 PLC elections.

By the time that both Palestinians and their leadership are insisting to
accomplish the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) elections on the due
date (Jan. 2006) – which is crucial to attain democracy and freedom-,
Israeli official statements are proclaiming that the Jerusalemites are to be
banned from participating in the PLC elections.

The Israeli measures prohibited the Palestinian Central Election Commission
from registering Jerusalemites voters; the offices were closed and the
employees were threatened; in an attempt to avert PLC elections.

Escalating the Israeli measures in the Occupied Jerusalem and preventing the
Jerusalemites from participating in the Palestinian democracy and electoral
process, are not more than aimed steps to Judaization and sever Jerusalem
from any Palestinian surroundings.

According to the UN resolutions, East Jerusalem is an occupied city where
International Laws are applied on just as the Palestinian lands that were
occupied in 1967. So, the Jerusalemites have the right to participate in the
PLC elections inside their occupied city; the right that cannot be denied by

DAIR calls upon the UN and Quartet, especially USA to intervene to allow the
Palestinians inside the Occupied Jerusalem participate in the PLC elections,
and guarantee the proper conditions to hold the elections without any
Israeli Interference. Without Jerusalem, no elections will take place
because Jerusalem is the eternal Palestinian capital and the Palestinian
people and their leadership will never give up this right.

The Department of Arab and International Relations

Dec. 29th 2005