Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Second Egyptian American announces candidacy for Egyptian presidency


Hossam Shaltout Announces Bid
for Presidency of Egypt

Hossam Shaltout, an Egyptian peace activist and founder of Rights and Freedom International, today announced that he will be running for President of Egypt in the upcoming election. "I think that the time has come for reform in Egypt, and I know that I’m the person to accomplish it,” he said at a press conference today.

Shaltout stated that Egypt is in crisis and that new leadership is needed. “It’s time for us all to work for a better future for ourselves and, more importantly, for our children” he said. My presidency will result in that better future, he said during his news conference.

Shaltout, 58, a successful businessman, is a graduate of Cairo University’s Aerospace Engineering school. His extensive international experience positions him well to guide Egypt in the future. Shaltout has lived in Canada and the United States, and thus understands Western culture thoroughly.

He risked both his financial and his personal health in attempting to prevent America from attacking Iraq in 2003; indeed, as a result he was mistakenly arrested, detained, and tortured by American forces in Iraq.
Shaltout offered an aggressive agenda to pull Egypt out of its economic and political slump. Among his campaign themes are:
· Guaranteed government employment or payment of employment insurance and welfare
· Guaranteed (free) medical insurance
Elimination of corruption, in part by instituting United Nations audits
· Release of all political prisoners
· Total freedom of expression, including removal of restrictions on the media and formation of political parties
· Elimination of mandatory conscription (draft)
· Complete equality for women, including compensatory programs to assist them in becoming more productive members of society
· Working to provide affordable housing for all

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