Friday, April 15, 2005

New film screening -- Waitng for Quds April 19, Chicago

The Chicago International Documentary Festival is proud to present the poignant documentary WAITING FOR QUDS as part of the new program DocWorld@DocsPace!
Tuesday, April 19, 2005 at 7.00pm
Devorah Blachor, Israel, 79 min.
The reality of coexistence for Jew and Arab, a life constantly invaded and divided by politics and war, is epitomized by the marriage of Abedal-Ahmar, a Palestinian Muslim raised in a West Bank refugee camp and Allegra Pacheco, an Israeli human rights lawyer from a middle-class New York Jewish home.

Filmmaker Devorah Blachor, Allegra’s cousin, chronicleshow Allegra and Abed bridged the enormous gaps of religion, culture and country to come together. The film follows Allegra before and after Abed is arrested during an Israeli army raid on Bethlehem, and then imprisonedas an administrative detainee without charge or trial.

At the time of thearrest, Allegra is five months pregnant. As Allegra goes through her pregnancy and fights to get her husband out of prison, the film goes backin time to examine their disparate childhoods. For Abed and Allegra, these differences of nationality, religion and culture are not as important as what binds them – love, a commitment to a better world for all, and their son Quds.

The film will be screened at the Gallery Theatre,
Society for Arts
1112 N. Milwaukee Ave., ChicagoTicket PricesAdult: $8.50Student/Senior rate: $7.00
For more information or tickets please visit
or call 773.486.9612