Wednesday, March 02, 2005

New Book on Saudi Arabia 3-1-05

Target Saudi Arabia: Essays on the Campaign Against the Kingdom
by Tanya C. Hsu

Saudi-US Relations in the 21st Century Americans in the Post-9/11 world still seethe with rage. Those who dared attack the symbols of US military might and global commercial empire had connections to Saudi Arabia. Many US strategists and pundits no longer ask whether to strike Saudi Arabia, but when and how. What is the Saudi role in promoting extreme fundamentalist groups across the globe, and how do the Saudis measure against other state and non-state actors? Is the Saudi-US relationship important, or no longer worthy of preserving?

What forces are behind the relentless drive to confront and punish the peoples of this petroleum-rich desert kingdom? What messages and "talking-points", accurate and erroneous, about Saudi Arabia are in vogue? What news media content prepares Americans for decisive future US military actions? Is there another way? Target: Saudi Arabia is a collection of thought-provoking analysis that grapple with these questions.

Published as essays and quoted in publications as varied as, The Daily Star of Lebanon, Associated Press, Arab News and the Financial Times of London, the contents of Target: Saudi Arabia go beyond the fog of media induced outrage to plumb the complex realities of US-Saudi relations. It is a must-read for anyone concerned about improving the foreign policy formulation process in the United States.
ISBN # 0-9764437-9-1 Cover Price $9.95